Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Is it just me, or is there is something about gentle older women cradling the tiniest of babes that tugs at your heart? I'm reduced to tears when it's my own grandmother lovingly snuggling my little one.

The simplest things bring my grandmother joy. Although what is more miraculous than a little baby? She knows this secret - the best thing about life - and you can see it on her face. Her body is failing but her arms still remember how to embrace. Some things are impossible to forget, even if a mother's instinct helps the memory.

(Maddie always has a smile for her great grandma Jessie)

These are the bookends to my family, and they are precious to me.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, incredibly touching, and simply precious!

The Larsons said...

What precious pictures and memories to go with them.