Sunday, June 26, 2011

The good kind of heartache

This might have to make its way to our walls.

Ellie was saying "I got you, Robbie."
{As in, if you fall, I will try to catch you even though you will squash me like an ant.}

Sorry for the retro-blogging, but this past Friday we went to the park and then played around inside before dinnertime, and something became very clear to me.

These two love and really enjoy one another.

I knew it would be worth it.


Jennifer said...

TOTALLY worth it! They are just too cute together! :)

designHER Momma said...

ah! That is the best ever! Hopefully it carries on forever...

kacey said...

amazing, AMAZING photos. i love their bond and it gets me so excited about the sibling bond we are in the midst of :) and miss ellie's haircut, so sweet. i love reading your blog.