Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maddie is 3 months old

3 months ago today, you came into the world. You took your first breath and you took our breath away.

Such perfection in a baby girl, so much sweetness and beauty that we thank God for every day.

Madeline Jane, you are 3 months old! Here we are again, in that odd place where it feels like yesterday that you were born, but years could have gone by since that day we were in the hospital delivering you. You have become a part of our family so naturally, mainly because of your easygoing temperament and willingness to be carted around wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

Physically, you are still our beautifully unique strawberry baby! I keep waiting for your hair to change, thinking you may turn into a blond (for the record, I love it just the way it is!). You are tiny, even though it's been almost 2 months since we started you on formula. You are in size 3 month clothing and recently made the switch to size 2 diapers, although they're generous on you. You hate the taste of your formula - Nutramigen is gross, even your sister thought so. You may be more like your daddy for a while, just eating to live. You are growing taller faster than your pudge can keep up with for the time being.

You are a very happy little girl, beaming with your gummy little mouth anytime I smile and talk to you. You are predictable in your routine, and eat a 4 oz bottle upon waking. Your reflux doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. I can't remember the last time I gave you a dose of Axid, and you haven't spit up at all since the week following your short hospital stay. You give me a big burp or two after each feeding and that's that.

You are totally a crib sleeper now! It only took a few days and nights to get you used to it. I lay you down in your crib swaddled from your armpits down, turn on your sound machine, and you fall asleep easily on your own. This is a gift to your momma - thank you. Your sleep through the night still varies from 4 or 5 hour stretches to 8 or 9 hour stretches. I'll be excited when you are consistent with the longer stretches, but for a 3 month old I really can't complain. You take 2 - 3 naps during the day, depending on and around the other activities we are engaged in. I told your dad last night that we are getting into the phase where sleep training is really important to establish and be consistent with, and you do not sleep well in your carseat anymore. So it will be a quieter summer for our brood, sticking close to home for the sake of your sleep needs. It's not a sacrifice to me - I know what it's like to have good sleepers and I'm happy to put the time in now in order to benefit from it later. I also know it's one of your main (and only!) needs, and it will pass in time. Lord willing, we will have many summers together to play and get out and do fun things.

You have become quite close with the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo Carrier. You're happy to be in them, close to me, but prefer to face out. You will suck on an Avent paci in the baby carriers and as you fall asleep in your crib, but not otherwise.

Things you do not like:
- loud smooch kisses against your cheeks
- tasting your formula in your mouth before you start sucking on your bottle
- having your nails clipped (did I traumatize you in the hospital?!)
- having your arms swaddled inside a blanket
- long amounts of time in your carseat
- being cradled or held like a baby (you're a 'big girl' and are curious - you want to see the world!)

Things you love:
- gentle humming kisses against your face
- sitting up (you strain to sit upright all the time now)
- watching your brother and sister play around you and talk to you
- standing and pushing against things with your strong little legs
- trying to roll over
- walks outside
- snuggling with mommy during your middle of the night feeds in your glider

I have a new trick to show you...

I'm a {supported} sitter now!

{Mommy's favorite picture of me to date, below}

She says I'm channeling my inner Armbruster here (above).

Check me out! Soon I'll be on the move, and I can't wait.

Little girl, big crib.

Your sister Ellie loves you, always talks to you, and likes to ask me about what you are doing. If you are sleeping in your room, she notices your absence and says to me "SSsshhh, Maddie sleeping." When you fuss and cry, she runs to your side and in her deep little voice asks "Whassa madder, Maddie?". She tries to soothe you by shushing you and saying sweetly "It's ok, Maddie. No cry."

Such beautiful sisters, inside and out.
{Somehow Ellie keeps ending up naked with a diaper during these photo shoots. I promise we clothe her. Most of the time.}

Your brother Robbie has really grown up and into his role of big brother to TWO sisters. He is absolutely gentle and nothing but sweet and protective towards you. Where he used to get sad and frustrated by your crying, particularly in the car, now he joins in with Ellie and tries to help console you. His favorite go-to lines? "Mommy will help you in just a minute, Maddie!" and "I'm right here with you, Maddie. It's ok."

He continues to pine for the day you can play trains with him, and loves to bring you his toys and show them to you. He is fascinated by your little features and could stare at your face from 2 inches away forever. You are well examined, as far as Robbie is concerned.

I am still pinching myself that neither of your siblings have shown even a pinch of jealousy towards you, and the time I have to devote to you during feedings, baths, and frequent diaper changes. The Lord has really blessed us in this, and I hope and pray that it's an indication of the bond you will share with one another even as the years go by. You will certainly have one another to love, look out for, encourage, protect, and play with as you grow up!

We ALL love you, Madeline Jane. What a great 3 months with you it has been! We love watching you grow up.


*The beautiful, personalized quilt in the background was a gift from one of Rob's coworkers and his family.

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