Monday, June 6, 2011


This sweet girl has changed so much in the last 2 months, I just had to document it.
The biggest changes have been in her personality and vocabulary. She was our little nomad when we first brought Maddie home from the hospital, wandering around the house playing by herself and just sort of figuring things out. I could usually find her in a corner playing quietly with a toy or reading a book, or walking around with her lovey in hand, dragging on the floor.

Lately? She is all over the place! She continues to entertain herself when need be, but she LOVES playing with Robbie and he loves it too. They are turning into little partners in crime, often chasing each other through the house or getting into things they shouldn't together. Robbie loves to wrestle her, and for the most part she likes it too (although sometimes we have to intervene and separate them). She loves to mimic everything Robbie does, and anything that Robbie has, she must have as well. In short, she adores her big brother.

She is in the phase where she crouches down like this and plays forever. It is impossible to do this unless you are 2 or 3! I think it's adorable.

I introduced the kids to juice boxes last week (an occasional, very special treat) and they are IN LOVE. Probably because the juice isn't diluted and the straw is just so much fun to pull out and play with. This means I have real live little kids, not just babies. I'm a little in denial.

Lover of animals and insects. She searches for ants and loves to inspect them. Although it always ends with her squishing them with her little finger when she's through.

Classic Ellie: brushing the hair out of her face.

Daddy's little copycat. Such a helpful little one, she is!

Sweet moments with beautiful Aunt Megan!

We spent one hot afternoon recently outside playing in the backyard and the sunlight was perfection. I took 100 pictures of Ellie while Robbie napped (no joke). It's hard to find time to capture each of my kids with the phase of life we are in, and I enjoyed studying my little girl through the lens. She is such a beauty to me and I love the age she is right now. The perfect blend of naivete and innocence paired with growing awareness and slight mischievousness. Absolutely charming, if you ask me. ;)

There she goes again, squishing unassuming bugs.

She is totally turning into a daddy's girl and I love it. She calls for him in the morning and at night, asking me "Where's daddy? Where daddy go?". I tell her he's at work and she always replies "Yeah, daddy work." She calls to him from the dinner table if he's nearby but not sitting with her just to get his attention by saying "Daddy! LOOK!". It is precious to see how from the very start, we are wired as girls to crave our daddy's attention and affection.

A typical Ellie pose - one foot up on the arm (or table, if it's meal time!). I have no idea.

Checking on Maddie.

I am so lucky to have this little face smiling up at me every day.

Another typical view of her - running away from me!

The girl has magical hair right now. Ignore the half-blink.

On Memorial Day Rob and I went to downtown Wheaton to watch the parade with Robbie and Ellie (while my mom stayed at the house with Madeline since it was so hot). We had so much fun with just the two of them! I know it's all relative, but seriously? It was such a piece of cake being out with just 2 kids, both of whom can walk and talk (enough).

A good pair of sunglasses is a very important accessory for every girl. Ellie's nailing it, if you ask me.

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm getting creative with the way we spend our days, and recently we spent a few hours in downtown Glen Ellyn. I got the kids hot dogs from the street vendor and it went over well.

A vision, even while chowing down on mystery meat.

As we have begun the process of (really) potty training Robbie, Ellie refuses to miss out on the action. She insists on being 'nakies' like Robbie and sitting on her own potty, although she has yet to produce anything worthy of an M&M celebration. She must say "My turn!" a hundred times a day!

I love this one, she is so attentive to what is going on and always sneaking around to get into my stuff. Usually it's my wallet or the diaper bag. This time it was something different.
"Ellie do it!?"

Sweet Ellie, you are so precious. I love your little personality, growing independence, and ornery spirit. You keep us laughing and thanking God for the gift you are to our family!