Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Over the weekend we started to sleep Robbie and Ellie in the same room. They are both in cribs, and Ellie thinks it's great to stand up and call over to Robbie. Robbie feels differently.

It's hard to hear what they're saying in the video, but it goes something like this:

Ellie: (Picks up teddy bear) Robbie! Robbie! Teddy bear!
Robbie: Lay back down, Ellie. Lay back down!
Ellie: (Picks up blanket) Robbie! Blanket!
Robbie: Please may you lay back down, Ellie!?
Ellie: (Lays back down)

I was about to go in and help calm them back down, since this video was taken at 5am yesterday morning! But after Ellie laid back down at the end of the video, they both fell back asleep and slept until 8:30. Thank goodness. I would call night 1 of sharing a room a success!

Last night I wasn't so fortunate. I staggered their bedtimes so that we put Ellie down to sleep first, then creep in with Robbie about 1/2 hour later once she's out. Well, I woke her up last night when I opened the door to bring Robbie in, and after I left the room Ellie was prairie dogging in her crib (popping her head up and calling out to Robbie) and keeping him awake. He tried to reason with her, saying "Ellie, lay down! If you lay down then I can lay down." Poor guy. All he wants is to go to bed!

An hour and a half later I had my hands full. Ellie was crying and calling out for me, and Robbie was weeping in his crib because Ellie had woken him up and he was disoriented / exhausted. To be fair, it was pretty warm upstairs last night and I don't think they were sleeping well because of it. We took Robbie out of the room so Ellie would fall back to sleep, and after resting with Daddy on the couch until 11pm, he ended up sleeping in bed with me for the night. Can I get a big no thank you to that?

Adding to our busy late night, Maddie would not settle at bedtime and I had to sleep her in her swing by my bed instead of her crib in the other room. Throw in a bottle or two for her during the whole ordeal, and my Advil / icing / pumping routine as I dry up my milk supply, and that was pretty much our night.

Poor Rob had gotten up at 3:30am for a flight to Dallas yesterday to attend a funeral, and didn't get home until 10pm. He walked in the door just as things were falling apart and jumped right in to help. I don't think anyone was asleep before 11:30pm! If you do the math, it turned into a really long and exhausting day for him. What a husband I have.

Here's to better nights of sleep ahead!

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Matt and Abby said...

I'm thinking about putting my girls together too. I think I will watch to see how your kids do before I make any decisions.
I love Ellie trying to pump...hilarious.
Your three kids are just beautiful. You are doing a great job as a mama.