Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our morning adventure (with adorable footwear)

One of Rob's coworkers (and his sweet family) gifted us these knit baby booties when Madeline was born. Her tiny feet finally have enough pudge to hold them on and they coordinated perfectly with this amazing (resale shop find!) dress.

When you dress your baby up, you need someplace to go. So we headed out to pay great grandma Jessie another visit!

She was tickled to see us again.

*Sidenote: I think Madeline is the first of my children to remind me of myself as a baby, but I'll have to confirm this with my mother.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I took all 3 kids? Well I did. And we stayed for an hour. And only one resident gave us a dirty look when one of my kids came too close to her, which I would count a successful trip! (To be fair, the kids were VERY well behaved and weren't loud or rowdy at all. Sometimes just proximity to little kids is overwhelming to the elderly, and I understand that. We didn't overstay our welcome.)

This sweet boy will love on his great grandma anytime I ask him to. Pose for a picture with Jessie?! Sure, and I'll even lean in and give you my best smile. Give her a hug and a kiss? You got it.

Be still my heart, that sweet hand on her front just kills me! Such a tender heart, my little guy.

(Ellie is practicing the Scotty McCreery hold on her juice cup. Also noteworthy - the people in the background were laughing at my attempts to get a group picture. I have no shame and was probably dancing or something.)

Maddie was a champ and hung out in Jessie's arms most of the time (even though I KNOW she wanted to be napping - good work, sweetie!). Ellie is just at that age where she's doing her own thing, and can't be coerced into hugs, kisses, or performances so she mainly crawled under the stroller and ate pieces of her donut holes that had fallen on the floor. I've learned to let her be. :) And Robbie was a sport, as well as very attentive to the other residents that gathered around us. At the end of our time there, a fluffy white puppy came wandering through the lounge and the kids always go bonkers when one of the dogs they keep there come out to play.

The low point was probably when Maddie started fussing, Ellie bolted for the front door, and Robbie had that look in his eye that said he was thinking about chasing the dog through the dining area. All at the same moment, of course. I'm learning to manage the dicier moments, and not let them intimidate me.

I think the key is to check my pride at the door, and just do my best to enjoy the good times and special moments that sandwich themselves between the awkward, embarrassing and difficult ones. And hope no one is photographing or videotaping me in the process!


Jennifer said...

A great adventure, indeed! Too bad I don't live closer -- I'd totally follow you around and videotape you! hahaha! :)

Matt and Abby said...

Those shoes are so cute! I love that you go visit your grandma and take your kids. I bet that just makes their day (minus the grumps, there's always the grumpy old people that ruin things).