Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glass bottles

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I don't know how many of you have newborns in your household... but if you do, and are looking for a bottle to use with a baby who is still very new and used to breastfeeding, I have a recommendation for you.

These classic glass bottles, which come in 2 sizes, short (4 oz) and tall (8 oz), are wonderful. Obviously there are no BPA concerns since they're glass. The nipple on these bottles is what I appreciate most. We have a stash of beloved Born Free bottles that both Robbie and Ellie used, but the corresponding nipples were too large and long for Maddie when we started to transition to bottle feeding her recently.

So I went to the store and bought a few other options to try out, and this Evenflo glass bottle was her favorite. My friend Kacey also uses these bottles with her newborn, but with a different nipple (one the hospital used that is even smaller while her babe was in the NICU). This bottle is a great choice for many of us who didn't expect to be bottle feeding as early as we are. It makes the transition that much easier, and they aren't very expensive. Especially if you are filling it with liquid gold #2 (Nutramigen! Breastmilk will always be #1.). I do recommend the larger size if you need to make more than a 3 oz bottle of formula. The smaller 4 oz size bottle fills up quickly once you pour in 4 oz of water and then add formula - mixing gets dicey as the formula wants to clump inside the nipple. I ended up buying both sizes and that works well for us, as some of Maddie's feedings are still as small as 2 or 3 oz, but others are 4 or even 5 oz.

I bought the bottles at Target, but they are sold many other places as well (Walgreens, Ebay, etc.). I just purchased a few protective sleeves (new, on Ebay - click here) for feedings away from home. I am still a bit of a klutz and it's not outside the realm of possibility for me to drop a bottle on a hard floor in public. (Remember how I dropped and shattered my iPhone!?) These sleeves seemed like a good idea. Sorry the image is small.
Apparently you can buy the bottles with sleeves already attached, like these at Target online, although I have not seen them on shelves.
I hope this helps someone out there struggling with bottle feeding.

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