Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to me! 
This man as my husband would've been all I dared to ask for, but then he made me the mother to these 3 precious kids and most of the time I think: this has got to be as good as it gets. (You know, aside from the sleepless nights!)

Blessed - Martina McBride

I get kissed by the sun each morning

Put my feet on a hardwood floor
I get to hear my children laughing
Down the hall through the bedroom door
Sometimes I sit on my front porch swing
Just soaking up the day
I think to myself, I think to myself
This world is a beautiful place

I have been blessed
And I feel like I've found my way
I thank God for all I've been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed


kacey said...

what a perfect picture!! well, aside from the fact that you are missing. ellie's face cracks me up. sista is hilarious. you are blessed, and so are they.

Jennifer said...

ADORABLE! You are truly blessed and so are they to have such an amazing mother!