Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last week I talked to Rob's mom, "Grammy", on the phone and we learned that she had caught the flu. She was so sick! The kids could hear my side of our conversation since we were in the van. Later that day, Robbie and Ellie were playing pretend. Robbie was being Grammy and Ellie was calling him/her on the phone. Overheard... Ellie: "I'm callin' you! Hello?" Robbie: "Achoo-achoo! {vomit sounds}... I'm being Grammy!"

Ellie: "Lou, lou, skip to my loop. Lou, lou, skip to my loup. Lou, lou, skip to my loop! Skip to my loop my darlin'."

Robbie: "This is where my brother's gonna sit {points to the empty chair at our kitchen table}." He is trying to convince me to have a baby boy. No, we are not pregnant.

Ellie: "Mommy I want that potato from your salad." She means tomato.

Robbie and Ellie every night at the dinner table: "I am a robot, mi-mo-mi-mo {robot arms/hands}  rrrrRRRRrrr {swings arms to the side in a very weird way} chachacha {karate chops in the air} owwww {falls to the side or purposefully bonks head on nearest hard object}." Repeat in this order with the same movements X's 1,000. They crack each other up doing this for quite a while.

Maddie: "Chachacha {hands in blades waving in the air!}." Totally into mimicking the sounds or motions of anyone nearby.

Robbie: "Daddy, do you still have a stomach bug?" Loudly and with a smirk. As Rob and I are meeting one of our new neighbors this afternoon in the driveway. I tried to shush him as discreetly as possible. Kids, man.

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jen said...

hahaha! LOVE the robot one! TOO funny! i NEED to hang out with those kiddos! :)