Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend activities (warning: they're fairly dull)

This spring has been hit or miss, and fairly unpredictable. I thought we had 'made it' with the end of winter and the long-awaited warmer weather. But late-season flu outbreaks and a two year old who can't find it in herself to stay in her bed have wreaked havoc on our sleep schedules, and made it harder to have energy and a consistent schedule overall. 

After a particularly disturbed night, she ended up curled up next to me in bed around 4am (not something we 'do' around here, but desperate times and sleep deprived parents...) and even after slipping out of the bed as the other kids woke for the day, she remained peacefully sleeping. Sweet girl. We will figure this out!

The last few Sundays have been days at home due to either a green boogie nose or random nighttime illness that kept us from putting kids in their childcare rooms. We like to spend them wrestling after a nice big hot breakfast. (Those who are well enough!)

Robbie's new favorite thing is to run towards Rob and leap in the air, completely landing on Rob's side or stomach. I don't know how Rob takes it. It thrills Robbie to no end, and the video I have of it just kills me. Little boys are so great.

Little girls are great too, in their own sweet and gentler way. Ellie prefers a horsey ride on daddy's ankles while Maddie bounces up and down next to her as if joining in.

(Guess which babe was sick this day!?)

When it's Saturday and Daddy's home, everyone wants to be right-next-to-him! All the time.
I love that.

Bummy drops on Daddy's back. Try not to laugh at this one, it's impossible.

Another routine we have inadvertently fallen into is finding a quick and casual place to dine out one night each weekend. Portillo's is our old stand by, but we hit up Five Guys last weekend and it's one of the only places where I can order a burger, enjoy it, and not feel sick afterwards. Their hot dogs sort of freaked the kids out but overall I'd say it was successful and we will probably go back. We ate our weight in fries.

Poor third child, I didn't even put something down on the table for her to eat off of. Placemat, plate, napkin? Anyone? Oh well.

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jen said...

oh boy! those bummy drops looks fun for the audience watching but not so much fun for Rob. i hope he wasn't the sick one that day! five guys -- yum! we love the peanuts in the shell there! :)