Sunday, May 20, 2012


I bought mini cones from the store and we've been having small ice cream cones after dinner to celebrate the start of summer weather.

Madeline was especially fussy last weekend, and by Sunday night she was very fussy and refusing to sleep. Not like her at all. I did everything I could think of, including making a bed on the floor of her nursery and trying to coax her to sleep next to me. When that didn't work and we were still awake at 12:30am, I decided to take her in to be examined. She was screaming and miserable, and I was worried. She doesn't act like that even when she's sick. Thankfully, she only had a very bad double ear infection (I was fearing worse!) and after the first dose of medicine she was so much better. We fell asleep at 4am after the whole ordeal. Good times with sick kids!

Another morning, another opportunity to capture a few self portraits while mommy snoozes.

Last day of class at 3's preschool!

It was teddy bear show and tell day as well.

Fridays in the summer are good for garage sales! We found Ellie this adorable bike for CHEAP, and she was so thrilled.


Showing off her pussy elbow to her baby sister after wiping out in Mima's driveway. And no she wasn't on her bike, just walking. Haha.

Impromptu marching band in the backyard this week.

French toast at the park one morning after Maddie's rough go with the ear infections. 

We needed to get out and enjoy the sunshine and reclaim our energy! This did it. Parks are a wonderful way to start the day before it gets too hot and crowded. So peaceful.

Current self portrait. 
Am I fooling anyone? Can you tell how chronically sleep deprived we are?

Fishtail in her pony.

A new trick that he's mastered - balancing on one foot.

French market cinnamon sugar donuts. Now deemed an outside food. She got a spray down in the sink and my entire kitchen had to be cleaned. Not worth it. But it made for a cute picture!

Random evening outside before bedtime. 

HAHAHAHA haha ha. HA. This was the day I attempted to take the kids swimming at the gym after my workout. Who knew it would be a workout in and of itself. Family changing rooms - great in theory, but they could be about twice the size and include a 'dry' area.

It was total chaos and I'm sure if people were listening from the hallway they were cracking up. Or thought I was a horrible mom as I called out instructions and restrictions the entire 45 minutes we were in there, just trying to keep everyone safe and dry and alive.

This sums up life right now. Stuff everywhere. Maddie into everything. Blurry heads that never stop moving. I'm not exactly sure what is going on!


Jennifer said...

LOVE! I was laughing hysterically at the last sequence of photos (in the dressing room) -- HILARIOUS!!! SO accurate of life with toddlers! I love that our lives are so similar at the moment! :)

Christine Livingston said...

I LOVE your curly hair Ashley! It looks so cute!!