Sunday, May 6, 2012

I really lucked out!

Our precious babysitter, Erika, celebrated a birthday recently. We surprised her one morning when she came over to babysit (since it was a week or so after her actual birthday - ha!) with a hot breakfast, card written by Robbie, flowers, 2 cake choices and The Pioneer Woman's cookbook since she is newly married and wanting to learn more about cooking. It was a fun morning!

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. My friend Julie gave me Erika's name and number after she moved back to Wheaton for grad school, just before Maddie was born as a potential babysitter for us to use. I was in desperate need of help, so I called her, she met the kids, and has been ours ever since. We joke that she's not allowed to have kids until mine are semi-grown up, now that she's married. I don't know what I'd do without her. As a mom, there is nothing more precious than someone who watches your kids who is trustworthy, loving, fun, conscientious, dependable, and modeling Christlike qualities in your absence. And her husband comes with her sometimes when she sits for us in the evenings, and he's just as awesome as she is with the kids! Ellie has a crush on him. I'm pretty sure Robbie thinks he is his best friend. And Maddie lets him hold and play with her, which is saying a lot.

Happy birthday to the best babysitter a mom could ask for! I don't know where we would be without you, Erika. :)

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