Friday, May 4, 2012


When I flipped through my pictures and saw these images from the last week, I was reminded of how blessed I am.

Little hands grabbing spaghetti.

The way she moves her lips from left to right when she's being silly, drinking milkshakes, or thinking extra hard.

The trips that help me mark their sometimes slow but always steady growth. Only 1/3 of our brood needs to be strapped down while grocery shopping now!

Their eagerness to be involved and help mommy.

The odd way she tries (unsuccessfully) to eat things that are flat.

The way she has taken to growling at me (good natured-ly of course!).

The funny things the kids do that come out of nowhere. "Mommy, look at me!"
"Whatcha doin', Elle?"

{as she lifts herself up off the ground, holds this pose, then collapses back down. and repeat.}

The way he will not be outdone, overshadowed, or passed by when it comes to his little sister.
Robbie decides that he should do some growing of his own.

The hilarious things he does and says. The unmentionables.

The way she has grown tired of waiting for mommy to furnish and decorate our home, and regularly takes matters into her own hands.

The way she glows from the inside out.

The way the 3 of them already prefer to be together and often cluster like this in various rooms of the house.

The way she wants to be just like momma. And the way it challenges me to think differently about who I am and the messages I send to her all day long. Both intentionally and not. 

The frighteningly awesome responsibility and privilege it is to be mom to these sweet ones.
I am so blessed!

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jen said...

I absolutely LOVE the moments that you catch! Priceless!