Sunday, May 20, 2012

More from Mother's Day

We had brunch at Egg Harbor Cafe in downtown Wheaton for Mother's Day. I had gotten us on the call-ahead list, so when we showed up for our reservations at 11:30am I knew there would be a small wait but what we didn't expect was to wait over an hour! We entertained ourselves in the parking lot... various combinations of family members sitting on the ledge by the wood fence for pictures, playing with the vines, and exchanging gifts. It was a beautiful and mild morning! (*When we finally made it to our table, we waited for another hour before our food came - a situation ripe for disaster with 3 kids under 4 after killing an hour in the parking lot, but amazingly they were all very well behaved the entire time. Ok, minus the moment Robbie spit/blew milk all over Aunt Kelsey. We are pretty sure it was an accident, like he coughed while he had a mouth full of milk.)

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Jennifer said...

HILARIOUS!!! I am cracking up at the sequence of your Dad, you, and Kelsey completely cracking up and then Rob looking at you guys like 'what on earth are you people laughing about'! Priceless! Love your family!

PS...the group pictures are adorable beyond words!