Monday, September 24, 2012

An asthma attack and dinner in the rainforest

Robbie had a pretty bad night a few weeks ago with a cold that turned into a deep cough that led to a flair up with his asthma. It's safe to say this was his first asthma attack - he woke up in the night coughing and unable to catch his breath or simply take a deep breath in. The scary part for me was that he was crying/yelling/screaming between coughs because it was scary (painful?) for him and he knew he wasn't able to breathe. 

After calming him down, and begging (which turned to bribing) him to sit through a nebulizer treatment of albuterol, he was able to breathe again and rest. We put on a movie for him in bed and eventually got him back to sleep.

Then we took him to the doctor the next day to have things looked at a little more closely and get a plan together for how we will treat his asthma for now.


I forget why now, but we had packed lunches and ended up eating them in the van because we were early for the doctor's appointment. Robbie hadn't been wanting to eat, given how bad he was feeling, but the van picnic with just mom (!) as it rained outside ended up putting him in the mood for lunch.

Rob and I took the kids to Rainforest Cafe in Schaumburg for dinner one weekend. The kids got a huge kick out of the larger-than-life sized alligator at the entry. We spent a lot of time just staring at him, and throwing pennies at his mouth. The kids also loved the big aquariums throughout the restaurant. 

Overall verdict:

Great photo ops, great mealtime entertainment (just looking around at everything kept our kids pretty happy and content!)...

Fun to do once, but the cost and quality of food will not be enticing us back anytime soon.
Also, the pretend thunderstorms totally freaked my kids out. And started up another round of discussion about The Violent Thunderstorm of 2012 which in Robbie's world, is the most traumatic thing he's ever experienced and thus can talk about it for ever. Not appreciated, Rainforest Cafe.


The kids are loving their little weekly tennis lessons. 

I love that they enjoy it together. And how protective Robbie is of his little sister.

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