Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last weekend

Last weekend Rob went to the Notre Dame game with some friends, so the kids and I enjoyed a Saturday on our own. We enjoyed an early dinner at Chick Fil A and killed the after dinner time in the play place.

Robbie was winding Maddie up just by chasing her or surprising her by coming down the slide as she stood at the bottom.

We headed home and started the process of going to bed.
This always begins with some distraction playing. You know, maybe Mom won't make us go to bed if we play quietly and nicely. 

 Um, I need to check out the bathroom.

I wrangled all 3 of them into the bath tub and cleaned them up. Is there anything better than yummy smelling, clean children?! (not a whole lot)

Not thrilled by something.

Aaaand... still not thrilled. She's even ditched the paci at this point. Translation: I mean business. Get me out of here.

Pretending to write a letter (with the torpedo pool toy).

Baths often end with the older kids in the shower for one reason or another. 

Sadly, after getting everyone in pj's and put to bed, Robbie kept waking up crying. I suspected that he might have an ear infection because he was miserable but couldn't tell me why. We ended up with a very fitful night of sleep, but still made it to church with Aunt Kelsey's help. We were more than happy to welcome daddy home later in the day!

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