Thursday, September 20, 2012


To slow down. 

Our morning was supposed to be filled with treadmills and tennis lessons and grocery stores. (My plan.)

Instead, this is what we did (His plan)...

Sweet Ellie had a wrestling match with her asthma last night, and by 1:30am I decided the nebulizer needed to come into play. By 2am she was back to sleep (although restlessly), and by 6:30am she was miserable again, coughing, and even threw up.

After a morning nap, she wanted to get up but I encouraged her to read in bed. I got her started with an especially animated retelling of The Pout-Pout Fish (thanks aunt becki!), and then big brother decided he would take over from there. He pulled his pillow and blanket into her room to set up camp near her door, and read quietly along with her to encourage her to stay in bed. I went downstairs to tend to Maddie, and when I checked in on them I heard Robbie bringing Ellie a few more books, and saw this:


Meanwhile, Maddie decided that she'd like to take a stab at potty training.

{tickled by her use of the toilet paper}

Ellie and Robbie made their way downstairs and their bellies were growling. Robbie and Maddie had breakfast and milk, but Ellie hadn't had a thing to eat or drink all morning. 

So I thought about what would be best for Ellie (small amounts of water to hydrate her) and got creative with our mid morning snack.

This is how "ICE BOWLS!" was born. You know, crushed ice. In a bowl. With a spoon. Like after you've given birth and they bring you that blessed oversized styrofoam cup of ice chips - the kid version of that.

But CRUSHED ICE! IN A BRIGHTLY COLORED BOWL! WITH A SPOON! ~ The kids looked at me suspiciously at first, took the bowls, and inspected them. Then first bites were taken, and with wide eyes they announced happily "I LOVE my ice bowl! Thank you, mommy, for my ice bowl!"

I don't know whether to pin myself on Pinterest, or hang my head in shame. Whatever, this makes me laugh. Really hard. I love having kids. 


Jennifer said...

Hahaha! I LOVE it! Your kids are just the cutest! I love them...and you! :)

kacey said...

is it weird that i sometimes wish that i was your kid?

The Larsons said...

The last pic with the ice bowls is awesome. Sweet E looks as though she has just come home from the salon with killer highlights. And, M...what a face! Miss seeing that little one grow in person. Hugs to handsome R. xoxo

Amy Hogan said...

ice bowls are the best! Pin away!