Monday, September 24, 2012

Sand & eyes don't mix

It's a childhood rite of passage to throw sand in your sibling's eyes, right?

A certain sibling, who will remain nameless, did a number on Maddie while they were playing in the sand and water table on our porch.
I looked away and literally 30 seconds later Maddie comes running to me with sand PILED on her shoulders and head. Her hands and face were covered with sand, and it was in her nose, ears, and EYES. And she was rubbing them vigorously with her fists, crying.

I washed her off in the kitchen sink with the spray nozzle (fully clothed), and began flushing her eyes. Then everyone headed up to the shower and I rinsed her off again, shampooing the sand out of her hair and again rinsing her face and eyes. 

After getting her dressed again, and bulb syringing her nose to clean it out, sand was still gathering in the corners of her eyes. I called our pediatrician who instructed us to go to the ER to have her corneas examined and her eyes numbed so that they could really flush them out and remove the remaining sand.

So, mommy-daughter date at the hospital. She was a trouper, getting numbing drops in her eyes, laying still for eye exams, and letting them flush her eyes out for what seemed like forever with a little tube. I'm not especially squeamish, but the water pouring over her numb eyeballs just about made me lose my dinner!

We basically snacked our way through the night. And then after she was all cleaned up and her eyes passed the test, we got to go home.

Little love.

Thankful for little eyes that were not damaged, against the odds.

Anybody want a sand and water table?! (I kid.)

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