Sunday, September 30, 2012

The norm

Tuesday night Bible study prep...

Wednesday afternoon stop at Miss Kate's on the way home from Bible study/preschool...

Wednesday night dinner, just the two of us while the others were at Awana...

(I like to keep it classy when there's no one else to cook for. Salami out of the bag and half of Ellie's leftover pbj? Yep, that works.)

"Hey Maddie, let's wash your hands..."
And before I could turn around with the damp paper towel to wipe her down, she was on her way to the bathroom to wash her hands like big brother and big sister.

Up on the step stool, reaching for the soap!

Didn't realize how much she understands, puts together, and is capable of.
As Rob says, we have no babies.

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Jennifer said...

oh! precious, but sad at the same time. could you please tell her she's not allowed to grow up anymore?!! either that or you need to have another unbelievably irresistible child -- and soon!!! :)