Monday, September 24, 2012

Back To School!

Tuesday Morning, Sept. 4th:
Robbie's first day of Preschool (Orientation)

We woke up slow, and Robbie had some quiet sibling bonding time with Maddie before getting ready for the day.

We all got dressed, and the sitter came so that I could take Robbie by himself for his first day. The parents were to sit through an all-about-preschool orientation meeting, and I knew that bringing the girls would be a disaster. 

Hugs before leaving...

(and general nakies-cuteness)

Robbie and I stopped at Starbucks on the way to school for a little talk over coffee (and vanilla milk) about the start of a new year. We discussed appropriate behavior, the friends he would make, the new kids in his class, his new teachers, and then we prayed together. Well, I prayed and he listened quietly with head bowed. 

I really just wanted to spend a few minutes alone with my guy before releasing him into another year of preschool. Telling him how proud of him I am and how much I love him.

We made our way up to the big front doors at church and paused for a quick picture in the same spot as last year. 

Not super cooperative at first...

And after asking him to give me a nice smile, this was the best I could get. Apparently 4 year old preschoolers are really funny and not at all intimidated by a new school year.

I started to get a little sentimental as we walked inside, and quickly snapped a picture of the two of us. So glad I did, as I captured this sweet and genuine smile on Robbie's face - melts my heart. 

The orientation and first hour in his classroom (just the kids) went well. He's excited for preschool to start up again and for the stimulation it provides in so many ways.

We headed home to get the girls and do a few special things together to celebrate Robbie's first day back at school.

(On the way, Ellie gave her baby doll a shoulder ride.) 

We stopped by Miss Kate's new shop location! The kids weren't sure that we were at HER store at first... they just stood at the door and looked inside for her while I got Maddie out of the car. Usually they are running inside to greet her ahead of me!

Yep, we're in the right place.

Kate's new shop is ADORABLE and so spacious! It's right next to Egg'lectic in downtown Wheaton on Hale Street, if you haven't stopped in yet. We always love an excuse to visit her. 

Then we made our way across town to (where else) Yogli Mogli for some celebratory ice cream.

It used to be Robbie and Ellie, all the time. But lately it's been a little more of Ellie and Maddie.
Figuring out their own little relationship with one another. Usually it's Ellie caring for Maddie in some way - we often catch her feeding Maddie from her own bowl or plate. And Maddie loves it - she just places her hands in her lap and dutifully opens her mouth like a little bird, waiting patiently for each bite Ellie offers to her.

Wednesday Morning, Sept 5th: 
Ellie's first day of preschool

So Wednesday morning was complicated by the fact that it was Robbie's first FULL day of preschool (2 1/2 hours), Ellie's first day of orientation (1 hour) and my first day preparing for our women's bible study at church with the other leaders (3 hours). 

It was also the first day I had to get all 4 of us ready and out the door after enjoying a laid back summertime routine. And not just ready - backpacks needed to be set out, lunches made, and everyone needed baths/showers!

Ellie wasn't enthusiastic. 

I did everything I could to make this morning about HER and not me/us. It was her first day of school EVER, and I wanted to create a peaceful morning for her instead of adding to her nervousness. 

I finally got her in the shower, and dried her hair.

Then, because we had gotten up at the crack of dawn (which is typical for us!), we had enough time to paint her fingers and toes red. Which I loved because I had picked out a red bow for her hair! Love it when a look comes together (hahahahahaha). But really, I was happy that we could do this little thing together because it made her feel so special - she loves a fresh coat of polish and it's a little luxury to have mom all to herself for this to happen. 

Making our way up the side entrance to preschool...
{my favorite of her} 

The whole crew - glad I was behind the camera because I'm pretty sure I was sweating at this point. 
It's not easy getting these 3 clean, presentable, and to school on time.

Super happy to be heading to preschool again...

Can you see her raised eyebrows in this picture? This is her worried look. It is so precious. She is talking about her new classroom, which is where we were headed when I took the picture, and she is discussing it with me as if it's all cool, but her wide eyes and raised eyebrows tell a different story.

I love that you put on a brave face, Ellie.

A quick pic with my girl before giving her over to 3 year old preschool!

Ellie is in the classroom that Robbie was in last year, so 1) it's very familiar to her, as she would dash in every time we dropped him off and picked him up last year, desperate as a 2 year old to be in preschool like her big bro, and 2) she has the same teachers that Robbie had last year so they already knew her and had a warm welcome ready for her. 

She settled in nicely for story time... and I love that so many of the kids in her class are the children of my friends!

While she finished her time in the classroom, I headed to another part of the church for my meeting. Maddie was in the nursery childcare for the entire morning, and Robbie and Ellie were taken there also after preschool was over but before my meeting ended. 

Thursday was a day for all 4 of us to catch our breath.
I was a little stressed out, and Kacey had us over for a pizza dinner while our husbands were out for the evening. There is something very calming about spending time with friends in their home, and occasionally letting them take care of you when you need it. 

Am I right?

Chilling with buddies. Nothing better. 

And looking back over this post before I publish it reminds me (again) that we have so much to be thankful for.

Great preschool classes for our children.
Volunteers in our church nursery who lovingly care for Maddie so that I can lead at women's Bible study.
Friends who know us well, and love us anyway.   :)
And a shattered iPhone that still takes pictures otherwise this period of our lives would probably not be documented. 

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The Larsons said...

So many things to be grateful for! Char cried out in delight when she noticed "her blanket" under Robbie's head. :) Love that our girls have matching blankies.