Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

The end of the summer...

Rainbow Krispie Treats, thanks to a cup of Fruity Pebbles.

 Summer breakfasts in their pj's at the kids table. All three developed a love for "Cheerios with milk, a bowl, and a spoon please!". 

 What would end up being our last day at the pool. 

 Harder days for mama often means exciting excursions for the kids. 
Like ice cream at 4 in the afternoon.

 Back to school haircut

 No one touches her gorgeous locks with scissors except for me. But she did get a hairstyle and glitter topping just for being a supportive little sis. (No, this was not awesome for me. For her, yes.)

 The kids seemed to get croup back to back a few weeks in a row, and then developed absolutely horrible coughs that made me wonder if they had whooping cough. We took them to the doctor and had them tested for pertussis (negative) and Robbie and Ellie were later diagnosed with asthma.

 The usual.

 On the very first day the weather turned the slightest bit chilly, I dug into this new favorite drink mix.
I am not a fan of Trader Joe's. At all. But I make a special trip for this can of chai mix. 

 They said life with 3 small kids close in age would get easier. And it has... they play educational toys by themselves - AND WITH HEADPHONES!

 Story time at Barnes & Noble.

 Ice cream as a family after dinner one weekend. I'm a little addicted to Cake Batter frozen yogurt at Yogli Mogli.

 The kids were too sick to go to church one Sunday but healthy enough to have cabin fever at home. So we spent the morning at Memorial Park in downtown Wheaton, just hanging out. 

 We found this guy while we were there. Horrendous. 

 My favorite morning companion. We still don't sleep a whole lot over here.

 I do not know where this came from or how it was composed, but it's cute.

 After all the kids in town had gone back to (elementary/jr high/high) school, my preschoolers and I enjoyed an unusually quiet lunch at egglectic. Empty streets, empty tables, summer definitely felt over on this day.

 A little dress up before breakfast on this morning, it seems.
The girls often need officer robbie to keep them in line.

 Lake Ellyn, after we had fed the fish our stale bread.

 Paper chains for the play room. No, they're not hung yet. I'm awesome at starting projects. Not-so-hot at finishing them. But look how cute!

We decided to put Robbie and Ellie in a 3's and 4's tennis lesson together at the gym. It is exactly as adorable as it sounds. 

 Enthusiastic applesauce eater.

 Her favorite place to hang out - on the fireplace. She's pretending to be confused as I scold her for standing up there. I'm not kidding. She's a smart one, no?

 Not sure where he learned this but Robbie will walk himself up the wall into a handstand for anyone who's willing to watch. (Aside from Rob and I, since we don't love footprints on the walls.)

 There was a week in August where Robbie would wake me up every morning (at 6am) in this getup. He'd change himself out of his pj's, get all costumed up, and come in telling me he was a lifeguard!

 Mama got her hair done. So hooray for that.

 Lots of early morning playing. My kids rock epic bed head.

 "Mommy, look! We love you this much!"

And Maddie likes chocolate.

Goodbye, summer.


The Inspired Nester said...

what cute pics!!!

Meg said...

Love love all the pictures! And... I have to say, it must be an age thing... Courtney just discovered the fireplace and gives me the EXACT SAME EXPRESSION when I tell her to get down... unbelievable!!