Sunday, June 28, 2009

The 1 thing we did today...

I really want to recover quickly, and walking a little bit each day is supposed to help the process.  So we put the babies in our double stroller and paced the neighborhood for a little while this afternoon!

Clearly thrilled...

He who has taken a shower gets to be in the picture.  :)

Robbie's adjustment to the new baby in the house has been interesting.  He's struggling a little bit, which isn't surprising.  This afternoon he grunted and pointed to me and the baby while I was nursing her, and then pointed to her swing and grunted again.  Translation: 'Will you put that baby down already and play with ME?!'  It was pretty funny.  He loves to hover over her every time I change her diaper... it's very interesting to him for some reason!  And overall he's been sweet to her, just a little confused about why mom and dad are splitting the attention he's used to having  all to himself.

Ellie is doing well at home - our first night was great as far as she's concerned!  (It was a bit painful for me - all of the in and out of bed for feedings really pulls at my incision.) She ate just about every 3 hours and slept the rest of the time in her bassinet without too much of a fuss.  Her morning nap took place in her swing, which I'm realizing is her favorite place to snooze - I had to wake her up after 4 hours to get in a feeding!  She's a great little girl and more precious by the day.  We are so thankful for her.

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