Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're Home!

... and bless my baby girl's heart, this is basically what she's done since we got here!

We were discharged from the hospital around lunch time, and it was so great to anticipate coming home after such a (relatively) long hospital stay this time.  I have missed my boys so much, and we are excited to begin the process of folding Ellie into our little family.  And I couldn't eat another chicken strip or grilled cheese from CDH's cafeteria! 

You would have thought we were first time parents, leaving the hospital!...

Ellie was SO cute in her car seat.  She is just such a little peanut!  She is already on the road to gaining her weight back - she dropped down to 6 lbs even at her lowest and last night when they weighed her she was back up to 6 lbs 4 oz.    Thank goodness she is a good nurser!

I had fun dressing Ellie up for her homecoming today.  (Can you tell?)

This is what she looked like when we wheeled her into the nursery one last time so that we could attend the discharge class before going home (see below).  Apparently, she was quite a hit - and the hospital happened to be taking pictures of babies in the nursery today for their 'Babies Need Buddies' program (?).  A woman involved in CDH's marketing asked us to sign a release form because they ended up photographing Ellie a lot and thought they'd end up using her image in some of their marketing materials!  How fun.

"OOO!  I'm already famous?!"

Such a sweet little bundle.

This picture is from the second day big brother Robbie came to visit mommy and Ellie in the hospital.  He wanted to show off his new trick that Daddy had worked with him all week on - walking behind his shopping cart!  Note the very proud look on his face. :)

This evening Robbie was a bit thrown off by the fact that we brought the baby HOME from the hospital - apparently he thought he was just enjoying a few playdates with her this week.  He was fairly whiny and not at all himself.  But after a little rest and a visit from Aunt Megan, he began to warm up to the baby that wouldn't go away.  He points to Ellie when we ask him where his baby Ellie is, and even gives her love when we ask him to, by laying his head near her and making a sweet little lovey sound.  I think they will get along just fine, in time. 

I have been so blessed by my parents, sister Kelsey and friend Cheryl for their help caring for both Robbie AND myself this week.  They all flipped back and forth between Rob and I, offering help wherever and whenever we needed it.  I will continue to rely on them in the next few weeks, as I can't drive or lift anything heavier than Ellie for a few weeks, and am still in a fair amount of pain.  This is my favorite picture of Cheryl with Ellie, the night she stayed with us.

Ellie loved all of her flowers!  She is such a lucky girl.

How can you love someone so deeply, even though you've only just met?


Abby said...

Ashley, first of all, you look GREAT!! Second, those are THE most precious pictures of Ellie! I love her expressions and that one of her wrapped in the polka dot blanket with her headband/bow is just too cute for words! No wonder the hospital wanted to use her pics :) They ain't no dummies! So glad you're home and doing well. HUGS!

the deKorne family said...

She is beautiful! Glad you have so much help at home...and it looks like she is an easy baby so far just relaxing in her swing! :) Thinking about you!

RyanLaurenAbby said...

Looks like things are going well! Before you know it, this will feel normal to you! I already feel like we are starting to find some kind of routine in our house! We will continue to be praying for your sweet family!

Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

so many sweet, sweet pictures of Ellie. and, of course the hospital is using those pictures. c'mon...most newborns don't even touch her cuteness!!!!

you look FABULOUS! You'd never know you were in pain...or just carried a baby for 9 months! wow!

enjoy your 'down time' by holding and loving on sweet Ellie! She'll be bigger over 7lbs + before you can blink!

The Roberts said...

Can you PLEASE tell me where her pink headband came from? I am having a baby girl in 9 weeks and would LOVE one just like it!