Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update - getting antsy

First of all, happy father's day to all of the wonderful dads and grandpas out there!  I feel a little guilty, having hogged the best dad (mine!) and also the best husband and new father (Rob!) anyone could want or ask for.  We had a lot to celebrate today.  Sadly, the most I was able to offer was the gesture of a nice homemade dinner and dessert on Friday night for Rob (Pesto Orichette with Chicken and Asparagus, salad, bread, and a Hokey Pokey cake from Rolf's, thanks to Whole Foods - you have to try this cake!!).  We had dinner at my parents' house this evening for 2 short hours to celebrate my dad - thankfully my mom and sister had made the most AMAZING dinner and it was so special (her famous marinated shish-kabobs, rice, salad, bread, broiled asparagus, and hot brownies with ice cream!).

You can tell I'm still pregnant - listing out the food items like that.  It's so sad how small your stomach gets in the 9th month because I could have eaten all night!


As far as this baby girl on the way goes, today was interesting and made me put money on the fact that we may not make it to Friday's scheduled C-section.  It could have been all of the activity related to getting ready for and going to church, but I experienced a lot of the typical early labor symptoms today.  Fair amount of back pain throughout the day, and even some sharper contractions in the morning and in the afternoon.  Nothing worth timing, but definitely attention-getting!  I could still be a ways off, because I noticed the pain more so when I was hauling Robbie around, very active, on my feet, or when the baby moved around.  I was able to take a 3 hour afternoon nap (thank you Robbie for sleeping that long!) and was very comfortable the whole time.  So it could still be a while... 

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (Monday) around lunch time, so it will be interesting to find out what she says - whether I've progressed at all, and if so, what they do in that kind of situation.  Although it's most convenient if we are able to stick with the Friday C-section plan, I have to say that I would welcome an earlier delivery!  I can tell the baby is still breech, and have totally given up hope of her turning.

We'll keep you posted... for now, my bags are packed and waiting by the front door.  And I will probably be taking them with me to my appointment tomorrow, just in case.  Rush labor much?!  :)


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm getting SO excited counting down the days and minutes until that sweet little girl arrives! I have been thinking about you guys a LOT over the past couple of days and am so glad to hear that Robbie doesn't have any serious illnesses and that you are all packed and ready to go -- ready for this baby to make her grand entrance! I've been thinking about Rob, too, and what he must be thinking/feeling at this point -- please let him know we're thinking about him and praying for him, too! Can't wait to hear your news as it happens! Thanks for keeping all of us updated! Love ya!

Kristi said...

good to hear an update. i am totally with you with the antsy feelings. hope your appointment goes well. thinking of you, kristi