Friday, June 12, 2009

Our nest is changing

We've been working on a few fun home projects this spring, and thought you might enjoy seeing them!  

The first was my personal favorite - updating Robbie's nursery for our little girl!  I wanted to make a few deliberate changes that would really transform the room, at minimal cost.  What we are ending up with as it all comes together is exciting to me!  I love it.  It's not completely finished so this is a sneak peek.

I found her crib bedding (see picture below) on sale at the Nods and Ends Outlet - and it inspired the color scheme and mural that my mom and I just painted.

We matched all of the colors in the bedding to paint chips, and bought little cans of paint (3 shades of pink, sage green, and brown) to use in the wall mural.  I wanted to do something big on the largest empty wall in the room - the one the crib and changing table are up against - and a tree fit the theme perfectly.  I already had this cute Dwell Studio blanket (from Target), so I incorporated the birds into the mural as well since the blanket matches the bedding perfectly and I will most likely leave it out on the glider as a throw.

And here is the mural, as it unfolded!  
(Forgive the glare, we painted the room with a satin finish when we were setting up the nursery for Robbie, and I really wish we had used a flat instead.)

Chalk outline:

Blocking in the tree and branches:

Adding the leaves and a few birds:

The row of birds on the lowest branch on the right side aren't painted in yet.  When we name our baby girl after she arrives, THEN we will paint this little row of birds in - and I thought it would be cute if each had a letter on it so that her name was spelled out.  I have since added beaks, eyes and legs to the birds as well.  You'll get a final picture of the nursery after our little girl is home and I have a chance to finish off the details!

Over memorial day weekend, we also had the exterior of our house repainted.  We are really happy to be done with the dark brown / evergreen color scheme, and love how neutral the tan and black combination turned out.

Is it odd that I adore black doors?!?!  This makes me so happy!  I love a black door with a lightly colored wreath...

Lastly, we had the family room and kitchen painted one continuous color - they were previously 2 different colors (green and cream) and yet they share one continuous wall along the back side of the house, which meant there was this random 'seam' that attempted to split the space, but instead was just awkward (decoratively).  Not a huge deal, but I am also not a green-wall person unless it's more of a sage, and this was celery green.  ::I just lost all of my male readers in one fell swoop!::

We decided on Silver Sage, which is Restoration Hardware's most popular paint color.  If you go into the store, most of the walls are painted Silver Sage.  It's seriously the most perfect color - not too cool, changes with the time of day and amount of daylight, and fluctuates between shades of blue and green.  I am in love.

So that's what we've been up to, nesting-wise!  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have a finished basement/playroom to show you as well.


the deKorne family said...

Looks beautiful!!! That tree is amazing.. you are so talented! Glad you are having so much fun sprucing things up. Hopefully that will help you forget about the sleep you will be a little short on!

RyanLaurenAbby said...

I LOVE the mural! I have thought about doing one in Joshua's room and yours makes me want to do it even more!!! Hang in there! Not much longer!

Jennifer said...

So exciting, Ashley! I am loving how the tree is looking. You and your Mom are doing such an amazing job (you guys should think about starting a nursery decorating business -- I bet you'd get a lot of clients)! Your little girl is going to love her room! I love all the home projects -- your house is just beautiful! Can't wait to see how the basement looks when you get it finished!

Abby said...

That mural is incredible, Ashley!! And I love the bedding, too. So fun! Can't wait for that little girl to get here :) Not too much longer!!! Oh, and I love black doors too ;)

The Larsons said...

The room is so sweet and I love how much the mural adds to the room. It is perfect; what a wonderful job.