Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"For Today..."

outside my window... are visual reminders of my sweet husband who works so hard to make things beautiful and whole; in this case, bushes and flowers that have been transplanted, pruned, cut back, watered, whose beds have been weeded, edged and mulched... all by him alone. our house is embraced by the beauty he has chosen to cultivate.

i am thinking... about how odd it is to feel completely at peace / content / thankful / full of joy while at the same time feel like i can fall apart at any moment over small things that don't matter.  i don't know which place i will find myself in throughout the day and it is WEIRD.

i am thankful for... the health of my husband and babies, the generosity and compassion of my immediate family, the many friends who support and encourage me in a myriad of ways. but mostly for God's faithfulness, mercy and grace.

from the kitchen... tonight i made stir fry (3 ingredients, quick and easy, healthy).  i then proceeded to 'pick' at a bowl of chocolate cake with ice cream, which didn't exactly hit the spot, so i moved on to a wedge of coffee cake and a mug of hot tea with milk and sugar. it was also one of those days for me where i could NOT quench my thirst. odd.

i am wearing... maternity jeans (and probably will for a little while yet!) and a grass-green sleeveless shirt that is pleated at the neckline and while it is not maternity, it is 'generous' around the midsection. perfect for my condition.  i got a shower and put myself together today since we had to go to the pediatrician.  it actually felt better than staying in pjs or comfy clothes. who would have thought.

i am creating... scrapbooks for each of my babies, although they haven't gotten much attention lately. a mobile for Ellie's room out of silk petals and ribbon. 

i am going... stir crazy not being able to drive myself around for 2 weeks. 

i am reading... more like indulging myself by reading Tori Spelling's new book "Mommywood". don't judge me, it's very entertaining and somewhat endearing. 

i am hoping... that tomorrow i feel a little better than i did today. that Ellie sleeps well tonight. that the weather this weekend is nice but not too hot. that my metabolism is somehow matching my appetite. also (just one more!) that we could get outside for a walk tomorrow. i hope a lot of things.

i am hearing... the sound machine in Robbie's room through his monitor. the sighs that accompany deep slumber from my 7-day-old-miracle. and nothing else. it is peaceful here tonight.

around the house... there are toys and clothes that should be put away, a kitchen floor that seems to be perpetually dirty no matter how many times i swiffer it, and a garage that is only occupied by one car because of all the baby paraphernalia (read: strollers, wagons, etc.) that has accumulated. all of these things i intend to tackle soon... but first, recovery.

one of my favorite things... is watching my husband interact with our babies. he is amazing in a thousand different ways, and i know i don't deserve him.

a few plans for the rest of the week... take more pictures of the babies. spend much needed quality time with my mom. sit still more often. drink more water. avoid the stairs. figure out creative ways (given my restrictions) to show Robbie love and give him attention. fatten up my 6 lb 5 oz peanut of a baby girl. seek God in the mundane, if not difficult, moments of my day.

a picture (or 2) to share...

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