Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby update

A quick update - at my doctor's appointment this afternoon I was dilated to 3 cm.  They put me on a monitor to check and see if I was contracting more often than I was feeling, but everything seemed quiet at the moment, and the baby's heart rate was just fine.  

At this point my doctor doesn't want me to dilate much more with the baby still breech - however, you can walk around at 3 cm for quite a while.  So we decided that the next time I have any labor pains (like I did on Sunday - lower back ache, contractions even if they're infrequent), it would most likely mean more progress and that would push us towards an earlier delivery (C-section) of the baby.  

So at this point, we are taking it day by day!  We will keep you posted if we make the call to head to the hospital before Friday.  Thanks for your prayers for us and especially for the safe delivery of this little girl...

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