Monday, June 15, 2009

What breech looks like

Really, really big!

This baby is ALL out in front, and frankly I am ready to be carrying her in front of me IN A SLING, not in my belly anymore!

My doctor's appointment this morning went well, but nothing new to report.  No progress towards labor (which is actually a good thing in this situation) since the baby is still breech.  It's odd that we will be meeting our little girl in just 11 days!  

Little Mr. Man has decided in the last 2 weeks to throw out his nicely-arranged sleep schedule that I've worked so hard at keeping.  It used to be a given that he'd go to bed at 7:30pm, wake up at 7:30am, and nap from 9:30am-11:30am and then again at 3pm.  

For whatever reason (just growing up and transitioning? Teething? Disruption in his routine?) he no longer naps at regular, consistent times during the day.  And last night we enjoyed some quality mother-son bonding time from 1-2:30am.  Awesome.  I think he is just reminding me that the days of sleeping through the night and napping for an hour or two during the day are OVER for quite a while, now that we're getting ready for the new baby.  What a sweet boy, to break me in early!

A few new things in Robbie's world included discovering last week that he LOVES yellow mustard.  Daddy thought it would be fun to offer him his first taste, and we got a totally different reaction than we were expecting!  (What one year old likes tart mustard?)  Now, whenever we're making sandwiches and have the mustard out, when he spots the yellow bottle he whines and yells at us until we put a dollop (or ten) on his outstretched index finger!  

He also experienced his first real babysitter today, during my doctor's appointment.  Because he wouldn't play along with my idea of how the morning schedule would go, he was asleep when she got here for one of his random naps.  I had planned to make sure he was used to her and happily playing before I snuck out of the house, but obviously that wasn't possible.  I was worried that he would be scared, waking up and being alone with a stranger, but she is a very sweet and fun girl and he apparently warmed up right away!  On Wednesday we're trying another sitter out as well, so that I have a few girls I can call if/when I need extra help and hands in the months ahead.  If Wednesday goes as well as today, I will be one happy momma!

And that about sums up what we are up to (besides the usual nesting projects and chores, which are boring to blog about even though I get great satisfaction from telling you things like, oh, how I took apart the stroller last night and washed all the fabric pieces, or am 100% caught up on ALL of our laundry and ironing, or how every surface in our kitchen at the moment is clean to the point of lick-able).  

I think I am due for a nap... time to rest this big belly!


Becki said...

Ash, you look great!! I love your hair in that pic!

Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

You are ADORABLE!!!! You make a very, very cute prego mama!!!

And, so glad you're finding some good babysitters. Oh, it's SO nice to have a handful that you can call at a moment's notice! I've used them more this year than I ever imagined would be possible! And, we have a regular one set-up on Sunday evenings for our date night.

and, if you're in such a cleaning mode...wanna come clean my house?! HA!!

The Larsons said...

Oh, I love it! I can't wait to meet your sweet girl. I keep praying for her to do a miraculous flip in your belly. Char has been up to some crazy things these days, too. Is it the weather, teething, growth spurt?! Our children will continue to keep us guessing. I love you all!