Monday, July 18, 2011

Good enough to eat

Last Sunday I just had to get a picture of the kids together. The girls were in their watermelon (strawberry?) dresses that I bought in the winter sales before Maddie was even born. I loved dreaming about having 2 girls to dress alike on occasion (shameless), and sometimes I can't believe how fast life is moving. Here we are already, 31 years old, with a little boy and two girls.

The sweetest, most full of life children I've ever known.

These three are everything to Rob and me.

This one is falling into the roll of big brother to his little sisters as if he were created specifically for the job (he was!). He has started to ask if he can help me feed Maddie, and I love to oblige.

Although yesterday when I offered him the task, he turned me down saying "No thanks, Maddie's bottles are stinky and so is her poopy!". Smart kid. The formula IS stinky when she burps, and she usually fills her diaper at the end of her bottles which Robbie has picked up on and wants no part of. I will never get used to the smell of Nutramigen diapers and really don't blame him.

Oh, Ellie.

(Yes, that's a portable potty next to the family room couch. We're casual like that.)

Typical brother/sister moment - kicking their legs in the air at each other.

No matter how much they fight or disagree or compete for my attention, they know that they will always have one another for the important things in life. Like building forts and telling secrets inside them.


The Larsons said...

Three of the sweetest blessings!

Jennifer said...

Three beautiful, fun, adorable children. You are truly blessed! Love how Robbie and Ellie are the best of friends right now. You're doing an AMAZING job, Ashley!