Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I learned from a power outage

We lost our power after that nasty storm blew through Wheaton on Monday morning. Thankfully, we got it back Tuesday night. That doesn't sound like a very long amount of time... unless you factor in the stifling heat and humidity we were experiencing, our home's tendency to be warm on the upper level where the bedrooms are, and having 3 small kids. We jumped ship and packed our bags for my mom's house at bedtime the first night, and stayed there until our power was restored. These are the lessons I learned in the meantime!

- The DVR does is not able to record shows during a power outage. (Why, oh why, am I caught up in The Bachelorette? Ridiculous.)

- Sometimes it's nice to have a reason to break out of our normal routine - we spent 36 hours at my mom's house in the middle of the week, where the air conditioning blew freely and the refrigerator was running. Although we missed Rob, it was out of the ordinary and refreshing to enjoy 'Camp Mima' for a while.

- I have to pack up a ridiculous amount of stuff for just one or two nights away with our 3 kids. It will be nice when they're older and don't require quite as much gear, and we are able to move about and travel a little lighter.

- The baby always hates the pack and play the first few times you make him/her sleep in it. Don't be afraid to allow time for adjustment. Maddie screamed for 2 hours the first night I slept her in one at my mom's house, and by the time we left she was a pack and play pro. Might as well get past that hurdle now, while we have to.

- I cannot get it through my thick skull that when the power goes out, the oven does not work and the water dispenser in the fridge is also negatively affected, but that we are still able to flush toilets and have running water from the tap, both warm and cool. These things surprise me every time. Why can't I log this information away?

- Next time we lose power, I will immediately remove cheap popsicles from our freezer and fill that space with refrigerator items that are expensive, like beef and chicken.

- The best kind of flashlights are the ones you don't have to hold with your hands. I found disc-shaped lights at the hardware store that sit flat on a table or floor and light up an entire room. They run on AAA batteries and I love them. So much safer and more practical than candles, especially with kids in the house. And my hands were free to do whatever else the kids needed me to do with/for them.

- Candles work well in a pinch, especially when you need to take a shower in a bathroom without windows. I might have to do that again, even when we have power! Surprisingly very relaxing.

- Saying goodnight to Daddy via Facetime only makes Robbie miss him more, instead of having the opposite effect. Similarly, I do not enjoy being separated from my husband for any amount of time, especially overnight.

- Many people around the world live without power every day. I completely take it for granted... Less so now.

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