Friday, July 22, 2011


A few weekends ago we hit up the splash park as a family. We went on a Sunday afternoon just before the skies opened up for a summer rainstorm (which made for a great reason to pick up Portillo's for dinner on the way home!). It was perfectly overcast and warm.

Maddie looked so innocent in her tiny bathing suit! No she did not touch any water all day. Yes I was dying to put her in the 0-3 month bathing suit just because I think babies in swimsuits are about the cutest thing ever.

She enjoyed our outing from the comfort of her stroller and the Moby wrap (which I am totally in love with, by the way).

Channeling her brother as a baby and propping her feet up just like he used to!

Ellie likes to come check on Maddie every once in a while now, wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

I find myself wondering a lot about the teenage years and what Ellie and Robbie will be like. With my little lady, I feel as if she's giving me a glimpse into the future at times. She has perfected the chin-tuck pout coupled with slumped shoulders, looking at me from the corner of her eyes with a blank stare, and sleeping in late in the mornings. She is also hard to get moving when she first wakes up (she gets that honest from me), preferring to lounge in her bed and snuggle/think about/talk to her lovies before starting her day.

Here, she's watching the other kids splash around and is less than enthused at the prospect of getting wet and/or being active. Can you detect that look of indifference and almost disdain in her face!? Her posture just adds to the drama. Funny girl.

"I want to be in that sand pit."


Robbie has no problem jumping in and getting wet. He ran around and surprised me by how daring he was, even running right past the water guns that can be manned by little boys and aimed at anyone. And yes, they targeted my boy every time he passed. Nope, he didn't bat an eye. Love this about his good nature. He is so unaffected by things that could ruffle his feathers.

Slow to warm up, Ellie finally found enjoyment in the stationary train playground area.

Dear curls: Please stick around. We love you so.

Can you spot Ellie in this picture with Robbie, below?

So much fun!


designHER Momma said...

Spray parks, it's where it's at. You can actually take 3 kids to a spray park by yourself, because the likelihood of one of them drowning is really slim. Morbid, but awesome.

The Larsons said...

First off, let me thank you for keying me into Ann Voskamp's blog. It has become one of my favorite morning reads. :)
Secondly, how I long for the opportunity to attend a splash park with you and our children in tow. It would be great fun to see all of their BIG personalities bloom in such a fun and stimulating environment. Ellie and Char will be our greatest accomplishments as mothers if we are able to gracefully guide them through their teenage years. (Ha! I'm only half least with my little lady.)
I continue to be grateful for these small but significant glimpses into your life, dear friend.

Rachel Jones said...

Lucy has that same suit, baby suits are the best!!! Hope you are having a great summer!