Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maddie's introduction to Snow Lake

We did it - packed the family up and spent a long weekend at the lake house this past weekend! As I imagined, it was a mixed bag of fun on the boat, yummy donut breakfasts, relaxing with Mima and Papa, throwing rocks off the pier, ice cream after dinner, and air hockey competitions along with strong little wills on the boat (sit on your bummy! stop honking the horn!), tantrums at bedtime, the exhaustion that comes with managing 3 kids away from home and out of a suitcase, and one very early wake up call for everyone within earshot by you-know-who (hint: it wasn't the infant).

I lost every game I played, even when my dad played left handed. Boo. :)

Mima with her grandkids

Ellie begged Papa to drive the boat almost as much as she begged to honk the horn

Sleepy Maddie loved her first boat ride!

Um, boating is a different experience with 3 kids 3 and under. I'll leave it at that.

We put the kids in their pj's and went for an evening boat ride before bedtime the first night (Rob met up with us the following day).

Ellie insisted on climbing down on her own. Little Miss Independent (wonder where she gets that from?)

Being a mom means being ok with becoming a pack mule for even the smallest of events (and even still, I somehow forgot DIAPERS FOR THE BABY, which we ended up needing! haha).

Snacktime in the wagon on the deck.

A heart to heart with Papa

Mima taught Robbie how to throw rocks off the end of the pier, and it quickly became his favorite (daily) activity.

Sort of unsure as to where to find the rocks...

Mima helps him out and they fill their fists with smooth stones destined for the bottom of the lake.

My parents just had this deck added on, and although it's not quite finished we love it!

Watching the neighbors try to start their boat (it wasn't cooperating).


Saying good morning to his baby sister with a monster face. :)

She loved it.

On your first trip to the lake house in our family, you get a bottle in the early morning light on this couch and it is photographed. (My mom actually painted, in oils, the picture of me bottle feeding Robbie at this age on his first trip here!)

She has mastered "worried baby".
Hey pretty little thing, everything's going to be alright. I promise.

Here you go - a taste of our 2 year old who's going on 16.
Teenage angst? Check.
Crabby begging to go back to bed upon waking? Check.
Antisocial tendencies until she's had her breakfast? Check.

Ok, this baby is supposed to be the one who looks like me.
Why, then, is she channeling her inner Livingston here (below)!? I CAN'T WIN!

Not sure what face I am making here (maybe I was talking?), but if I don't put these up then I don't have documentation of Maddie's first swim in the lake. And she loved it so much, it was precious! The sacrifices we mothers make in the name of love. Ugh. ;)

Maddie has claimed 'her spot' on my mom's shoulder in the crook of her neck.

Sweet little boy feet

This adoring look is reserved for daddy.

As is this look of love. Be still my heart.

Robbie got a few rides on the tube in. He made us proud again, bravely riding the entire time with his thumb up in the air ('faster!'). I think the fastest we pulled him was around 24 mph. Average speed 18-20mph.

My boys. Love them.


Kendra said...

LOVE lake house fun! It looks like you made some great memories. And, Maddie is just adorable.

The Larsons said...

Love pics from the lake. Those sweet images of your men at the end are precious.

Jennifer said...

so fun! oh, how i miss our days at the lake -- not a care in the world -- chasing a boat full of guys on our jet ski -- shopping sprees at maurices! i guess the only thing that can top those days is having fun at the lake with your own little family! my heart overflows with joy when i look at these pictures! love you guys!

oh, and have i mentioned lately how much i wish we lived closer?!! ty and caleb would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE robbie and ellie and i could just see elayna and maddie sitting next to each other "talking"!