Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ellie

Dear Ellie,
You just turned 2 years old. The week of your entrance into the "tricky two's", as a good friend re-labeled them, you pulled an all nighter. That pretty much sums up our phase of life right now!

Good sleep is hard to find, especially when the power goes out during a fierce storm. How's a little princess supposed to catch her beauty sleep when the sound machine is silent and the room is hot!? Turns out, you'd rather be bouncing between mommy and daddy on their bed anyways, playing with the only source of light at the moment (a headlamp), doing tripods and declaring 'Watch ME!' before doing something amazing like throwing your hands in the air. ;) Upon hearing this story, multiple people asked why we didn't turn on the TV or a video for you so that we could sleep!? To which I reminded them, if we had electricity, we wouldn't have been in that situation. Haha.

Finally getting some shut-eye... at 5am. You are such an angel while you sleep, regardless of the shenanigans you pulled during the wakeful hours preceding this moment.

So now, you are two! We threw you a party. I thought the hot pink rimmed zebra print plates matched your sassy personality right now, and that was the party theme.

Your grammy, papa, aunt Rach, uncle Marc, and cousins Nicholas, James and Katelin flew all the way from New Jersey to celebrate with us!

We are finally at the point where we need children's entertainment at parties, and the pink pony pinata seemed like a winner.

You gave it your best crack, but you're a gentle soul.

I love that you still have one foot in the baby stage and the other is making a break for it, anxious to become a big girl. For now, your cheeks remain chubby and your arms firmly wrapped around my legs, and you are quick to beg "Hold you, mommy?".

You are an interesting blend of adventurous and content, tough and sensitive, carefree and whiny (it had to be mentioned!). For as often as you challenge my patience or demand my attention, you bring joy to my heart and laughter to our days.

You have grown incredibly fond of your big brother as of late. You two share a room now, and while it continues to present unforeseen challenges, you adore being near him at all times. Heaven forbid I lay you down before Robbie, or remove him from his crib and leave you in yours for any reason. The other night you were keeping him awake and when I took him out of his crib to allow you to fall asleep first, you quietly and sadly sobbed into your loveys, heartbroken over the separation.

You have many loves: your loveys, mash-ups, the VReader, the sand and water table, dress up clothes, my make up bag, dip of any kind but particularly ketchup, climbing at the park, jumping on the trampoline, cleaning {anything} with wet wipes, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, your doll house, Robbie's toy cars and trains, and animals.

Things you are not fond of: not being given exactly what Robbie is given, any vegetable except for carrots, plain milk, descending stairs by yourself, being messy or dirty, when we forget to give you the proper utensil at mealtime, your continued struggle with your milk allergy and constipation.

Your go-to phrases:

"Now MY turn!"
"Whatcha doin' there, mommy?"
"Where Robbie go?"
"Look, mommy! I did it!"
"A new cup, too!" (translation: get me something to drink)
"I'm doin' laundry." (as you fold your blankie)
"Medicine throat" (I don't feel well)
"Church! Play with kids!"
"Yeah, OK mommy."
"Mommy, look! A ___!" {fill in the blank with ANYTHING}
"Brush tangles."

You amaze us with how well developed your language is as well as your preferences. You know what you want and you let us know. You have started to sing made up songs absentmindedly while you play or we walk someplace. You can recite many of the books we regularly read to you without our help. You don't particularly like to sing songs, and if mommy starts to sing TO you? You nearly always ask me to stop. (I know I don't have a great voice, but seriously! What child cares!?)

You are beautiful and unique, inside and out. A sweet companion to your big brother and doting second mother to your little sister. Ringlets that make us jealous. Big eyes that have us wrapped around your little finger. Sweet lips that like to kiss "both cheeks!" at bedtime and whisper prayers of thanks to God for your food and your family.

{Your brother landed a swift kick to the underside of your chin one afternoon at the library and you bit your tongue on both sides. It was a gusher. I was not happy.}

Sweet Elle-belle, has it really been 2 years since they pulled you sideways from my belly!? Your birth-day was magical to me, and every day since has been a gift worthy of thanks to God. I can't wait to watch you continue to grow up into the little girl He made you to be! You are already amazing to us and we love you with all our hearts.



Jennifer said...

So precious! I started tearing up when reading that last paragraph. I am so thankful for your beautiful life, Ellie! We love you! Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart! :)

The Larsons said...

She is just stunning. I wish we could have partied zebra-style with you all. What a wonderful mommy you are to such a precious little lady. xo

As, I was reading this I forgot we never got to see her open our gift the day of the wedding. :) Hope she enjoyed it.