Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lovely things

Ellie currently calls the fly-swatter "ice water". She also typically responds to my requests or instructions with an agreeable "Yes, mom" or "Ok, sure Mom" and a smile. Tantrums overall are fewer and I'm wising up to her triggers, which helps us avoid them as well.

Robbie is showing more interest in his big boy underpants and less interest in hitting his sister in the head. He is showing greater affection for Winnie the Pooh and less interest in Caillou, a happy trade in my book.

Both kids are sleeping better, thanks to separating them at naptime (Ellie -> pack & play in our bedroom) and sneaking Robbie into his bed after Ellie has fallen asleep at night in her bed.

Madeline's new favorite thing to do is talk, with great expression in her eyebrows and inflection in her voice. It makes us all stop what we are doing and babble like idiots at her. It's glorious.

We are headed to the lake house soon. I'm desperate enough to get there and enjoy the atmosphere there that the thought of packing us all up for a weekend, driving 3 hours each way and chancing restless nights and naps with the kids is no longer a deterrent. I really hope it's worth it! I'm breaking my personal no-donuts rule the minute Tom's comes into view. Hello, vacation (sort of).

I am content most days to swap out Starbucks lattes with my own homemade hazelnut Dunkin Donuts coffee here at home. This is big. And very convenient. Not to mention so much cheaper.

The absence of tempting weeknight tv sitcoms has made way for nights that end with reading in bed. This is easily one of my favorite things ever.

During the power outage last week, all the food in our fridge spoiled. After tossing what went bad (and getting over my sadness that a yummy fruit tart from Whole Foods met its demise on my watch - how did I forget that was in there!?) I decided to go with a more minimalist approach to the things we keep on hand in the fridge. I'm loving the fact that when I need something I can find it easily, and can put away leftovers without having to rearrange everything to make room. How does a fridge get so cluttered? Also, disinfected shelves and drawers? Yes, please.

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Jennifer said...

I totally know what you mean about the fridge! I took your advice the other summer and now only buy what we need each week. I love how it's pretty much empty by the end of the week. Just did a total cleaning too -- I had no idea how dirty it was! (oops!)

Have fun at the lake house! I was starting to wonder if you guys were going to make it there this summer. So glad you're going. I hope it's a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

I'm with you on the coffee, too. I've been trying to make my own frappuccinos at home these days since SBUX no longer fits into the budget!

So glad to hear the kids are sleeping better!

Much love! :)