Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well that didn't take long


Today? I didn't make a note as we went along of what we did. I know we woke up late, and that Maddie slept through the night again (this is a great stretch she's giving me this week of not waking around 1am!). We are all sluggish in the morning lately and end up eating breakfast at 10am - our days are getting really off schedule. The kids' naps are creeping later and later which is making bedtime difficult. I'm about to start nudging their little bodies in their cribs in the morning and getting everyone back on our normal schedule!

This morning it was raining and for whatever reason I was getting cabin fever early. So I took the kids to The Container Store, and got Robbie and Ellie to ride in the double stroller by giving them suckers and graham crackers. I carried Maddie in the Moby wrap. It was enough to get us through the store and out without incident! Yeah. I fed them lunch, staggered their naps, and by the time I got the last one down the first was starting to wake up.

We spent the afternoon making cupcakes together. It took forever since the point was to let Robbie and Ellie help, and it ended up being really fun and messy. They were so proud and it got them to eat their vegetables at dinner, knowing that a cupcake was there for dessert. We used the recipe that is found in the back of the children's book "Cupcake - A journey to special". It's the kids' favorite book right now, Ellie can even read the story to me she knows it by heart. They thought it was fun to say that their cupcakes were 'born' when they came out of the oven this afternoon, just like the book. And Robbie kept asking if it was time to give the cupcakes a 'coat of frosting'. Too funny.

Rob had a work dinner tonight so I juggled dinner, baths and bedtime for all 3 on my own. That usually means that it gets a little ugly at times, but we made it! And Rob brought home ice cream for the two of us, which was a nice end to the day.


I did make a list of things I don't want to forget about currently:

- Robbie is really into rhyming and will randomly ask or tell me that one word rhymes with another. Most of the time he's right and gets the concept.

- He is curious about abstract things, which is interesting developmentally to me. He also wants to know how old everyone (and everything) is. He phrases the question as "What's your number?" meaning how old are you. He asked me the other day how old his bowl of popcorn was. I don't even know how to answer him sometimes!

- Ellie is quite the pouter right now. She lowers her head and slumps her shoulders anytime she senses that she's about to be reprimanded or told 'No'. Rob and I have both agreed that it's hilarious, and yet garners zero sympathy from us because it's a total act. She peeks out from behind her curly locks at us and if she realizes that she's in the clear she cracks up.

- Maddie is an all-out squealer and laughs at us a lot. It's fun to see her engage with us more, and she is just so stinking pleasant and sweet and happy all the time! She's also totally into putting her fingers in her mouth, with her favorite thing being putting her pointer finger on her tongue and moving it around / sucking on it. It's really cute in that way that everything a baby does is cute to the mom. :) Even the third time around. ESPECIALLY the third time around.

- Robbie has told me twice this week when I ask him if he wants to play trains that no, he wants to play cars. Could this be the subtle beginning of a switch away from his beloved trains!?

- Ellie, on the other hand, just tags along with Robbie whatever he's doing. I am not exactly sure what she's 'into' right now... it's literally whatever Robbie's into at the moment!

- I switched Ellie to 2% organic milk this week. She has been on Soy since her first birthday and the doctor encouraged us to move to cow's milk because of all the hormones in soy milk and how they are finding that they affect the growth of little girls, in particular. She wasn't trying to alarm me at all, but I hate that whole idea and it was enough to make me move her off of Soy immediately, cold turkey. With a little bit of strawberry Nesquik Ellie now loves 2% milk. Hooray for only having to buy one kind of milk again!

- Sometimes when Ellie blows her own nose, she checks the Kleenex afterwards and exclaims "GOT IT!" with a proud smile.

- I bathed both girls with a new all-natural baby soap a few days ago and it gave them each a little rash on their tummies. Our kids have such sensitive skin.

- I exchanged our video monitor this week and the model we used to have isn't sold in stores anymore, so I had to get a different one. The new cameras we have now can be remote controlled by the monitor which is awesome, but I can also use it like a walkie-talkie and speak into the monitor and the kids can hear me through a little speaker on the camera. I've tried this several times when Robbie isn't settling down for naps or bedtime, and it scares him to death! He settles down alright... and then cries and begs me to come into the room. It totally unnerves him to hear my voice and not see me.

- I started an internal cleanse as well as new vitamins this week because it seemed like a good idea when I was at Whole Foods the last time. It's all natural/herbal, and not a big deal. I've been fighting headaches and stomach aches and wanted to start fresh with my diet this week anyways, so I figured something like this couldn't hurt. I've been coupling it with a very healthy (for the most part) diet that includes lots of fresh fruit and raw veggies and lean white meat. I'm also trying to increase the amount of water I drink. I love how much better I've been feeling overall. I could do without radioactive-looking 'output' from the process, but I guess that's part of it.

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