Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lego Land

After Brad and Christine left we decided to take the kids to Lego Land near Woodfield Mall. 
It was pretty amazing, but the kids were tired from a long week and had very little patience. By the time we started driving back home, the kids were all weeping! Funny now, in retrospect. 

We rode this little ride that had laser guns. The kids split up  with Rob and I, and I ended up in a car with just Maddie. I handed her a gun and she looked like this the entire ride:

Free play

It was busy and a little overwhelming for our already-strung-out kids, but definitely fun and deserves a repeat visit.

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yeamansfamily said...

so i was just catching up on your blog - a fav thing to do :) - and when i saw the pic of robbie holding his lego creation up, i went, "whaaa...?" quietly to myself. i thought, 'surely ashley didn't get him an earring at the age of four!' i kept scrolling down to realize there was a speck on my computer screen.