Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little hostess

Waaaay back in July (haha) we had Ellie's best buddy and her family over for a casual dinner of ziti with meat sauce. As I prepared dinner, the kitchen and the tables for our guests, Ellie was beside herself with excitement. Fallon was coming!

So she picked her seat at the kids' table.

And she literally sat there for over a 1/2 hour, waiting for her sweet friend.

I couldn't convince her to wait elsewhere.

{waiting is hard work.}

 Fallon and her family arrived, we broke bread, and then like any good hosts we put on LMFAO and had a dance party. The girls ended the night on the couch taking care of their babies. 

Babies raising babies. 

{Points if you can guess correctly which girl is which.}

1 comment:

kacey said...

her sweet little face just warms my heart. looking off in the distance with her chin in her hands? tops the charts of fav pic ever. love her.