Thursday, August 9, 2012

Precious reminders

God's creation is awesome, and we are lucky to have places like the Arboretum where we can explore, take a deep breath, appreciate more than nicely laid concrete, and even catch a glimpse of His handiwork.

A dear friend sent this birthday card and present in the mail. Not only does she know me so well that she picked a delicate gold necklace, the likes of which I have been searching for, but she allowed her children to color on the envelope of the sweetest of cards. The entire thing warmed my heart until it overflowed in the form of leaky tears. :)

{I always love reading the thoughts of her daughter as she writes them out verbatim for us! The more random or nonsensical, the better.}

So we are evolving from one stage to the next in our household. I feel like I not only have a handle on our routine, the kids' stages of development and what they need and require of me individually, but I am also thoroughly ENJOYING them right now. Sadly, there was a time {postpartum} when it was painfully apparent to me that I was not able to enjoy my children. That's an awful place to be, as a mother who loves her kids deeply.

I'm so thankful to be where I am right now with them! They are HI-LARIOUS.

The flip side is that Maddie is totally a toddler and no longer a baby, wanting to do whatever the older 2 are doing, asserting her independence, etc. It gets pretty crazy awfully fast. I have to raise my voice a lot - and not always because I'm upset, simply because no one can hear me over all the noise that is being made. There are many tears each day, but also hundreds of hugs and kisses. For every pout or whine, I could tally an "I love you, mom" or a sweet gesture from one sibling to another.

And there are certainly never enough super hero masks to go around.

The girls adore Robbie, and his Batman mask is fascinating to them.

This sweet one? Just goes with the flow. On the day I snapped this photo, I realized when I looked down at her that I had hurriedly put her older sister's diaper on her because hers were all the way upstairs, and she was also walking around with garbage on her naked body. Specifically, someone's discarded band aid peel off.

Hello there, third child. You have no idea how much I love and need you just the way you are.

I can't paint an accurate picture of all the little things that happen in our home that keep me laughing, but this is what I frequently find now in the lazy susan. Large wooden beads and the plastic container of peaches that Maddie is always pulling out and begging to eat. 

All precious reminders that I am blessed.

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Jennifer said...

Hilarious! Thank you SO much for this! It always warms my heart and makes me want to cry when you talk about your precious blessings and how much you love them all. You are constantly motivating and challenging me to be a better mom! I thank you and love you for that! I also rejoice in the fact that our days are similar and the crazy life that I feel like we lead some days, is, crazy, yes, but also quite normal! :)

PS...I spy a rug in those photos! It looks GREAT!!! Please send pictures of the rest as it happens. I'd love to see everything!