Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Settling back in

After our power turned back on, we weren't as quick to take it for granted. Sleeping in our own beds, turning air conditioning on, lights shining bright, a fridge full of good food, and warm water running from faucets and showers... the blessings seemed endless! We were a happy bunch to be under the same roof, back to our routine in the comfort of our own home. 

{First morning back together - an unusually contented bunch of kiddos hanging out on the couch with a morning cartoon. Ellie missed her accessories and rain boots!}

Still running low on energy and sleep, the girls catnapped in the car when they would have otherwise stayed awake. Kids are so stinkin' cute when they're sleeping in their car seats!

I looked down one morning to realize that I had walked out the door with white shorts on that had a big smear of green poop on them. We weren't going back home for a few hours, so I just ignored what I had found and pretended it wasn't there. So disgusting and cliche.

Pool baby...

And just like that we're back at it.

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