Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our fourth

And by fourth, I mean "The Fourth", not a fourth child. Thought I should clarify. 

July 4th didn't quite feel like a holiday this year, since we were still bouncing between air conditioned places during the day and landing at the hotel more often than we had hoped at night. My parents took us in for most of the day on the 3rd, and we ended up having a free morning and afternoon to spend celebrating my mom's birthday (also July 4th!), napping the kids, and sweating it out at the laundromat. A thousand thanks to my sister who helped me do more laundry in 4 hours than she could have ever imagined doing.

We packed up the van, loaded our clean laundry up to the ceiling, and barely squeezed the kids in to head back to the house. We were hoping our power would be turning on soon, because Rob's brother Brad and his wife Christine would be arriving for a visit. We really wanted to host them at our home, and not end up spending our time in a hotel together.

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