Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soccer and Ballet

I enrolled Robbie in soccer this summer. It was a bust. It's been too hot here this summer to enjoy sports of just about any kind unless you are submerged in water. I thought we'd get away from the heat of the day since the session was at 5pm on Monday nights, but as it turns out, the hottest part of our day here ends up being from 3-5pm!

The girls were good sports, hanging out on the quilt while Robbie played soccer. 

To be honest, we even skipped 2 of the days of soccer, one of which was the last class. We're in the cut-our-loses stage of life. 

But you wanna know what WASN'T a bust!?

Signing Ellie up for her first ballet class.


Getting ready for her first day of class...

Sweet Maddie gets in on the tutu action. Because why not?
Yes, I'm that kind of mom.

Ok the best part about this ballet class is that Kacey and I signed our girls up together. They are beyond adorable as friends, and when you put them side by side in a studio in matching ballet outfits? Not much is sweeter.

Our girls in pink - Ellie on the left and Fallon on the right. Miss Katrina is their teacher and she is perfection. Poised, beautiful, graceful, sweet, newly engaged, I mean seriously. I am sure every single one of those little girls adores her and dreams of being her.

Fallon is a party all the time. This is her signature move. I love that girl.

Don't their little buns just make you want to die!?

They try to hold hands for as much of the class as possible. 

Points if you can tell them apart...

Mima came to watch one morning!

Warming up before class...


Everyone wants Mima's attention at the same time! Poor Mima. Haha. It's like being in the center of a tornado.

Waiting patiently for class to start. Aren't the blue shoes with her outfit hysterical?!

{Where is Fal-Fal?}

Fallon arrives and their posse is complete. This picture is how I would sum up our summer... These three, side by side.

Oh ballet class... you made our dreams come true this summer! Haha.
No seriously though, I knew putting my daughter in ballet would be fun, but I wasn't prepared for just HOW fun or sweet or precious... I won't go on and on but I could! So glad my girl enjoys it!


Jennifer said...

Oh. my. CUTENESS!!! is right!!! absolutely adorable! :)

Rachel Jones said...

Oh my word - cutest pics ever, they are so so adorable!!! Let me know when you sign up maddie & savvy in couple years :) - I would love love Lucy to take a ballet class!!