Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Uncle Brad and Aunt Christine's visit

Brad and Christine showed up on Wednesday July 4th for a visit. We were so excited to see them! We showed them around the house (it was their first visit since we moved in), and then sat down in our 84 degree house to plan out the rest of the day. Just as we were thinking about heading to a movie to escape the heat, our power turned back on. It was awesome. We knew we would be able to sleep at the house that night, and host Brad and Christine after all! It was such a relief. 

Christine offered to stay with Ellie at the house while Maddie napped, the guys went to see a kids movie with Robbie, and I grocery shopped. We had lost absolutely everything in our freezer and fridge, so I had a major shopping trip to do as well as plan meals for our guests! I was so happy to do it, thankful that we wouldn't have to eat out anymore.

Christine and Ellie made good use of the microwave's POWER (woo hoo!) and made popcorn and watched a movie together. Maddie slept in her crib and I enjoyed picking out groceries without feeding someone simultaneously or breaking up fights. The boys saw Brave and gave it a so-so review.

As usual, our time together felt so quick. These two are so awesome. We love them more than they know. They are so sweet and loving and attentive to the kids, and the easiest house guests every time they come. They both stroke my ego when it comes to cooking, and are just fun to have in our home that we are always so heartbroken when they have to leave. They just bought their first single family home, and are currently on a short term mission trip. It's been a busy summer for them!

Can't you just tell how much the kids adore each of them!? There is nothing like family. 

And brothers...

We love you both so much! Thanks again for a great visit.

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