Friday, August 10, 2012

There's no rhyme or reason to my blogging anymore

Who has the time to blog when you're busy enjoying the summer?!

This girl thoroughly enjoyed her swim lessons each morning! She gained confidence in the water, learned to fully submerge herself underwater, and has mastered kicking in the water. She also discovered the art of accessorizing wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

I turned around one day while we were at Miss Kate's resale shop to find Robbie and Ellie playing Nail Salon. I was slightly embarrassed to find that Ellie was the technician and Robbie was the customer {and a bossy one at that}. 

Ellie: "So what do you want me to do, Robbie!?"
Robbie: "Just do whatever you have to do. I want a pedicure."
Ellie: "Ok Robbie! Manicure pedicure." {and then she pretended to wash his feet and paint his toes while he relaxed in the chair and enjoyed the pampering.}

And no, we weren't the only ones in the store. 

Savvy Sav is such a little personality, and I'm not just a little proud to say that I think I've broken into her inner circle. She blows me kisses, always lets me pick her up and snuggle her, and is generous with her smiles towards me. What a little love! She and Maddie are exactly the same age. 

Oops, caught again! I had to apologize to "Mr. Lake" for these shenanigans. 
{both of their hands just kill me in this one - so adorable!}

My littlest babe after a particularly busy morning. She loves to sleep all snuggled up with her blankets, lovies and stuffed animals. Don't bother leaving me a comment about how there should be nothing in her crib but the crib sheet. :)

What in the world is happening to my BABIES!? They are growing so fast.

A few Sundays ago Maddie was sick but the rest of us were healthy, so Rob went ahead and took Robbie and Ellie to church. I snapped a few pictures because we haven't taken Sunday pictures in a while, and Ellie was looking particularly all-american and precious. Double braids with bows, a sear sucker watermelon dress, and white squeaky mary janes? Yes please.

Of the many attempts at a nice picture of Daddy with R & E... this was the most comical.

There we go.

This is what our mornings usually look like - glazed over, naked, busy babies.

Just chilling on a kids chair with a book.

A favorite place to check out what's happening outside (always on her tiptoes)...


Typical breakfast scene, complete with slap fight in the upper left hand corner...

Always with their babies.

Ellie is skeptical of Maddie's mothering abilities.
{Stop poking her eyes, ok?}

Ha, another awesome morning picture. 

If you're looking for a delicious gummy candy, the Popcorn Store sells these Haribo Raspberries in a little bag by the register. Yum.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kind of blogging! All of these pictures are fantastic. They, of course, make me wish we were able to spend our summers together -- you guys have SO much fun! LOVE your kiddos! :)