Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Days Old

Madeline's look changes every day - here's what she looks like and what she was up to on her 2nd day of life.

Hanging out in her baby bucket on wheels.

The pediatrician detected a heart murmur so our original plan to go home today at noon has been delayed a little bit. She had an echo done around lunch time, and now we are just waiting for the results to be read.

Apparently the test annoyed Maddie, because I sent her away with a cute little outfit on and wrapped in a pretty blanket, and she came back to us with the standard nursery garb on (white kimono shirt and hospital swaddle) because she had pooped all over everything!

Updating the iPhone photo album.

Can you tell from this picture how long and lean this little girl is!? She's only dropped down to 6 lbs 5 oz in weight (from 6 lbs 9 oz at birth) which is great. But I know that I'll blink and she'll be 12 lbs and I will never remember what it was like when she was this tiny. Hence, my insistence on a naked baby picture. There will be more of these to come.

Pretty baby. My favorite of her so far!

There is nothing better than being chest to chest with a snuggly infant.

Excuse the post-prego belly. I love this one of her!

This one's for Aunt Becky...

We are anxious to get home, and I think Robbie and Ellie are ready to be reunited as a family again, in spite of how spoiled they have been by the time they've gotten to spend with Mima, Papa, Aunt Kelsey and their favorite babysitters!


the deKorne family said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! love her name and love her! so glad the first sibling meeting went well. looks like it was much more civilized than ours was! :) hope you're home and snuggling in with your new family of 5. praying for health for all and a quick adjustment!

The Larsons said...

Oh, how I love her (and you all). Thanks for the sweet picture of her snug in the blanket. I would love to have one of those (one day). :) I'm praying for you daily and so thankful for her safe arrival and good echo report.


Lindsey said...

Congratulations, Ashley!!! She is adorable and you look amazing. I'm so glad that you are able to finally hold your little girl face to face. You look so at ease with little ones. Hope her big brother and sister are loving their newest addition!