Sunday, March 6, 2011

Right now, I am...

- My new laptop (finally putting Christmas money to good use).
- Bookending every single day with the hottest shower I can stand. It's all that eases my discomfort and I'm glad now that we went with the larger-tank-size water heater a year ago when we had to replace our old one.
- The Beth Moore bible study I'm currently working through - Believing God.
- The evolution of family traditions; going out for pizza one night each weekend, pancake/egg/sausage breakfast on Saturdays, mommy getting a little extra sleep on the weekends while daddy gets the kids up (I am so spoiled).
- Two little voices singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" along with me after learning it in 2 days.
- Every time I tell Robbie or Ellie that I love them, they both respond with "I love you too, Mommy!"
- Ellie's new request to "Kiss you!" and then planting a sweet smooch on my face. Equally cute: "Hug you!" followed with a hug.
- How ripe the oranges and cantaloupe are right now. For some reason Ellie can't pronounce 'mellon' so she says "More 'bella' pease?". So cute. Robbie would eat an orange at every meal if I let him.
- The occasional indulgence of getting a pedicure, which for me is only really guilt-free when I'm pregnant.

Not at all enjoying:
- Having the strongest and longest contractions of the week on Saturday and Sunday nights. What is up with that? 2 weeks in a row...
- Angry outbursts from my sweet children, complete with objects being hurled through the air which sometimes land on me. Can I take the next month off from discipline? (Kidding... but it is exhausting to try to be consistent.)
- The thought of giving up my elastic waist pants in a few weeks.

- Hanging new curtain rods and drapes in the kids' rooms today, thanks to Rob. Bonus points for me because I ironed the curtains prior to hanging them.
- Cleaning, sorting and purging the house. The upside is that my random 'dumping grounds' are disappearing. The downside is that I am suddenly really bothered when the house starts out all picked up and neat in the morning and by lunchtime is totally destroyed.
- New sleeping positions that are creative and comfortable, although they require 5 pillows and being nearly-upright.

- To send in my preregistration form to the hospital for the baby's birth.
- A family member's birthday last month.
- How to cook my husband dinner.
- What it feels like to simply fall asleep comfortably laying down with one pillow and achieve a good night of sleep.
- To pick up the camera and capture the kids at this stage, even though our days are simple.
- That my days of not watching what I eat are coming to a swift end.

- Mystery fiction to empty my mind at night.
- One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp

- For a very special little boy's 3rd birthday party next Saturday.
- For warmer weather by adding a few spring clothing pieces to the kids' closets.
- A will, which is long overdue.
- To name our third child - we finally have name choices for both genders that we love! And I think you will be surprised, either way.
- For weekly OB appointments to start in one week. Home stretch!
- My hospital bag.

- That the Lord sees the details of our lives, is paying attention, and is able to provide for every need.


Rebekah Wallace said...

up in the middle of the night (I need to try the 5 pillow thing) reading blogs...why not use the time well? Loved this update and your honest and joyful perspective.

RyanLaurenAbby said...

Love this, Ashley!

Jennifer said...

ooh! oranges and just made me hungry...good thing i just got both at the grocery store yesterday! the fruit is SO good right now! we're even starting to get corn, too! oh, how i love spring & summer!

so, do you think i could take that same break from discipline (even though i'm not pregnant anymore)?!! it is wearing me out!

ooh, new curtains, huh? i wanna see! send pics -- anytime before the end of the year would be good -- i know you're going to be busy! :)

we're right there with you on the will. working on it, but it just seems to get pushed to the back of the list, even though it should really be at the top!

can't wait to meet sweet little livingston #3! i can't stand the suspense -- boy or girl? -- name? oh, i'm SO excited!

love you! hang in're almost to the best day of all!

The Larsons said...

I loved reading this blog post. I always admire your honesty and appreciate hearing where you are at in life (if only we could catch up weekly over coffee instead of weekly over blogs).

My boy is diggin' oranges, too, and points and screeches for them during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I really cannot wait to meet number three and hear their sweet name.