Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I could do without

Just wondering if anyone else has felt this way or had a similar thought...

The other day I was walking through a parking lot, and got that sense that someone was close behind me even though I couldn't be sure. When I looked back, a small hybrid car was sort of creeping on me all the way to my parking spot to take it after I left. I don't really care if/when people do this - I get it.

But seriously? Those hybrid cars are little stalker-mobiles! They are so quiet, you literally don't know that a car is rightbehindyou... I am not a fan.

Other things I am not a fan of currently:

- Ellie finds it entertaining to come running up to me, particularly when I'm squatting low to the ground, and give me a little shove from behind as she yells "PUSH!" and then cracks herself up. I almost fell forward onto my face at the resale shop this morning as I was picking up toys off the ground when she pulled this little stunt (it's not hard to topple me at this point!). What a stinker.

- The car seat shuffle inside our van, in an effort to make room for the infant seat, has currently displaced Robbie directly behind the driver's seat. And he constantly kicks the back of my seat while we drive.

- The discontinuation of my favorite lip balm by Bath and Body Works - the one with almond oil in it. It's out of stock online and not sold in stores anymore. Boo.

- Stepping on the kids' toys because it is now difficult to see my own feet and what might be near them.

- Getting a taste of spring recently when the temperature rose to 60 degrees, then getting a dusting of snow this morning and enduring more 30 degree days.

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Molly said...

They are actually about to pass a law to make hybrid cars have to have "artificial noise" for that reason. People can't hear them coming and it has caused accidents with bikes and pedestrians. :) So that problem might go away soon.