Thursday, March 31, 2011

Madeline meets her siblings

Wednesday, March 30th - Robbie and Ellie meet their new baby sister!

My sister Kelsey stayed overnight with me after Madeline was born so that we could send Rob home to be with the kids. He and my mom brought them over to the hospital the next morning to meet their new little sister, and we were all so curious about how the first introduction would go.

We made a breakfast out of it (munchkins) and it was so much fun.

Robbie and Ellie weren't too sure about me being in a hospital bed. After explaining that I had a big boo-boo on my tummy and that they needed to be gentle around mommy and the baby, they wanted to get closer and granted my request for hugs and kisses. They each climbed up onto the bed on either side of me while I held Maddie, and were so sweet and gentle. Robbie talked to the baby, asking if she wanted her paci (and then thoughtfully attempting to put it in her mouth for her), and Ellie looked at her and asked "Baby?" and then after observing a snoozing Maddie, said to me "Baby sleeping. Shhh!" with a little finger up to her lips.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe all three of these little ones are ours. This picture is so surreal to me.

Robbie enjoyed gently stroking Maddie's head. Too bad that is her least favorite thing, next to when her feet are touched. She got over it, and I let him do it as long as he wanted because he was being so precious, doting on his new baby sister. Maddie, you'll learn to love head rubs. They're better than getting smacked with a toy, so take what you can get (although you'll eventually be on the receiving end of both, I'm sure).

Maddie's beautiful blanket in these pictures was a gift from her dear Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff. LOVE! It is the softest, warmest thing to snuggle up with and it has kept our sweet girl toasty in our chilly hospital room.

Ellie had a chance to love on her little sister, too. She was so curious about her, and equally gentle, although her attention span is smaller than Robbie's. I love this picture of my two girls - I hope they have as close of a relationship as I have with my own sister. It's a special bond and a gift from God.

Checking out the sweet view from our room. When did they get so old and big? I thought I kissed two sets of baby cheeks before I left for my doctor appointment on Monday, but these two big kids showed up at the hospital.

I need to give credit to Rob for what an awesome job he has done balancing his time between Madeline and I at the hospital and being with the kids at home. Look how happy they are - and even all dressed up in the special big brother / big sister shirts I had planned for them to wear for just this occasion!

And finally, the novelty wore off and they enjoyed running circles around the room, finding cute places to play and hide.

So thankful for these sweet children we have been blessed with, and their relationships with one another.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your new addition, Maddie is darling. I love the pics of her meeting her brother and sister. You have such a gorgeous family. Hope you are feeling good! Lesley

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

She is so darling! I love the headband and I noticed the blanket immediately. The picture of Robbie and Ellie in the window melts my heart. What loves. Enjoy your sweet blessings and get some rest!