Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My alarm clock was a waste of money

Today started for us at 3:15am, with a little voice calling out over a baby gate for his mommy and daddy. A cup of juice, snuggling in between his parents in their bed (there's a first time for everything, and 3am is a desperate hour), and even daddy laying back down with him in his big boy bed for half an hour could not convince Robbie to go back to sleep. So after 48 straight hours of total crib abandonment by our little guy, we had to put him back in for the remainder of the early morning for the sake of the rest of the day. He fell asleep immediately and has been snoozing ever since. I wish the same could be said of me! Contractions and a baby up in my ribcage are making sleep difficult to come by.

As I made a cup of Irish breakfast tea and an english muffin at 5am, surrendering to the start of another day, I made mental notes about all that I was thankful for at that hour. A hot breakfast, a warm home, the ability to turn the heat up a few degrees, talking with Rob as he got ready for work, quiet time to myself, and the anticipation that is building for a long, uninterrupted, hot shower (they are not as easy to come by as you might think!).

Mostly, I'm so thankful for my family and this new child we are about to finally meet. I was mildly disappointed at my doctor's appointment yesterday when I was told that I wasn't dilated, but even that is something to be thankful for. Although early labor is a welcomed thought at this point as each day and night is marked by painful reminders that my baby is outgrowing my cozy womb, it is not what is best for the baby. I keep reminding myself that the more pain I'm in now, the less I will dread the physical process of labor and delivery! And how quickly the memory of all related discomfort and pain vanishes after the birth.

Here's to hoping today is filled with sweet moments with my two favorite little people, as well as a touch of productivity. My hospital bag needs packing and the basement needs to be reorganized. Oh, and the baby once again needs a name, and if we don't come up with something soon we might be bringing home "Cucumber", "President Baby", or baby "Pizza" Livingston.*

*Name suggestions courtesy of Robbie.

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