Monday, March 28, 2011

Creature comforts

A few of my favorite things, currently! (As always, this is just my personal opinion and I haven't received any of these items for free in exchange for doing a review.)

Thomas O'Brien Towels from Target - hands down the best towels ever at a reasonable price.

OPI's "Didgeridoo your nails?" nailpolish - my favorite color for toes right now.

Joico violet shampoo and conditioner - for blonde hair. It leaves my hair super silky but not flat, and will hopefully extend the life of my highlights!

Republic of Tea Irish Breakfast - best with a little milk and sugar.

Stila Lip Glaze in Watermelon. Love the flavor, the color is perfect over nude/beige lipstick and it lasts forever.

Bath and Body Works' True Blue Spa paraffin hand lotion. Fragrance free and keeps hands soft all day.

Marc Jacobs new fragrance, Daisy.

Shopping on Etsy and Ebay for spring baby/kids things - when leaving the house is just not an option, which is pretty often right now!

Camelbak water bottle with water filter - my reminder to stay hydrated, it's also spill proof. Very important in this house. Definitely taking this with me to the hospital!

And although I am not a fan of Calliou, I am grateful to him for entertaining my kids more days than not so that I can rest or get a few things done. If only he weren't so whiny.

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