Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Update

I feel a little like the most boring person in the world right now. My weekend was made up of nesting and resting, and gingerly walking (shuffling, waddling, whatever) around the house between projects.

More contractions? Check.
Nap daily when the kids nap? Check.
Clean out bedroom closet? Check.
Sort / reorganize the kids' old clothes in the basement? Check.
Stay up on laundry by running 2 loads? Check.
Clean out my nightstand? Check.
Add a few more items to my hospital bag? Check.

Last week my mom helped me move the car seats (and the middle row van seat) around so that the new baby's car seat has a home in our van. We removed the middle row seat and swept out 2 years worth of crumbs and trash, which was really gross and yet extremely satisfying to accomplish. Then my friend Cheryl helped me convince the recycling man that taking all of the empty boxes in my garage without first crushing them down was a good idea. I think he took one look at my belly and decided to have mercy on me. Helping my situation was the fact that he too is expecting a baby in June! That man will be getting a nice tip from us come Christmas. :)

Friday was a long day for me and the kids, thanks to a terrible night of broken sleep because of general pregnancy pains. But Rob was able to go to a few of the basketball games in Chicago with 3 other guys, and I was so glad that he could, especially since it meant a shorter work day for him. He puts up with so much with me right now, and always puts the kids and I first when it comes to how he spends his time.

Saturday we decided that he would drive up to Milwaukee for the annual March Madness gathering with our friends the Larsons and Bellitos, but that I would stay home with the kids. I knew it would be one of the last opportunities he would have before the baby comes to spend time with his best guy friends, and didn't want him to miss out. But the idea of making the trip with him and bringing the kids just seemed like more than I could handle at this point. I was thankful to have woken up that morning after sleeping for 7 hours straight (do not remember the last time that happened!). My mom came over in the morning to help me with the kids, and then again in the afternoon for a few hours. My sister traded places with her and spent the evening with me, and the day went by smoothly, even ending with some time at the park. Cheryl came over (after the kids went to bed) for pizza with Kelsey and I, and while we were sitting at the kitchen table talking afterwards, a mouse popped out from under the cabinets by the sink! Thankfully Rob caught it overnight with a trap. On the schedule for tomorrow: sanitize and clean out the lower kitchen cabinets.

On Friday my grandma Jessie moved into a nursing home nearby after living with my parents since November. Her transition has been as positive as we could have hoped for, and she seems to be adjusting well to the move. Once she's more settled in, I will take the kids over for a visit. She is literally 5 minutes away from our home! I can't wait to take our new baby over to meet her for the first time.

Today I was going to go to church with Mom, but woke up feeling so sore that the prospect of getting ready, walking across the church parking lot, and sitting in a chair for over an hour sounded like more than I could physically manage. We are missing church so much right now, but know that these days are numbered and we'll be back soon. I'm anxious to get the kids back in their classrooms and for Rob and I to be able to attend worship services together. Instead, we had a late breakfast and spent the day in our pj's - daddy watching basketball, kids playing (and occasionally fighting, of course), and mommy cleaning and organizing like mad. The two hour midday nap I was able to catch (thanks to Rob) during a light rainstorm was bliss. By dinnertime we were all getting antsy so we took the kids to Chili's. Eating out is never a very restful experience and lately that translates to an evening of contractions and general discomfort for me post-dining. Which brings me to the present - blogging in bed with my ever present companions, the heating pad and contractions and a baby that seems ready to stretch its limbs outside of the confines of my womb.

Tomorrow brings another weekly OB appointment, during which I will do my best not to hope for news that I'm dilated. And my mom will be here to help me entertain the kids beforehand, and watch them while I'm at my appointment. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for her help?! So thankful.

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Ben and Erin said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on, but that you are making the most of it too. Aren't mothers wonderful? I'm sure you are so anxious to meet your new little one. The end is always so hard. I can't wait to hear your news. :)